Friday, November 18, 2011

Caution: Old Blogger publish date bug returns.

Two nights ago on Tuesday, I began writing a new blog post on one of my other Blogger blogs.

The next morning, I completed the post and published the article.

I have done this many times before and believed all would be well. However, when I checked my Adgitize publish logs, I discovered that I was not awarded credit for publishing an article on Wednesday.

I checked Blogger and discovered that it recorded the publish date as the time that I created the post, not the time that I published it. Being certain that I did indeed publish the article on Wednesday, I decided to check my Feedburner feed. Sure enough, the post was correctly timestamped with the Wednesday morning publish time.

I then examined the feed XML and found the following:

<entry gd:etag="W/&quot;CkQAQ3g6fSp7ImA9WhRSFEk.&quot;">
<id>,</id> <published>2011-11-15T14:32:00.001-08:00</published> <updated>2011-11-16T02:45:42.615-08:00</updated> 
<app:edited xmlns:app="">2011-11-16T02:45:42.615-08:00</app:edited>  
<category scheme="" term="Mega Millions" />
<category scheme="" term="Crazy Combos" /> 
<title>Tuesday Mega Millions Results 11/15/11 - Next Jackpot $40M</title>

Sure enough, Blogger marked the post publish date with the creation date (in red). It does have the correct update time and Feedburner has the correct entry as well (both shown in blue).

This is an old Blogger bug that I wrote about in August of 2009, but it was fixed shortly thereafter (see Feedburner Publish Date verses Blogger Entry Date).

For whatever reason, it appears that this old bug has recently resurfaced and the original fix is lost.

So, if any of you any of you begin writing a post on one day and publish it on another date, beware!

Hopefully Blogger will realize its error and fix it shortly.

PS:  I am not sure if this same behavior applies to scheduled posts as well. So, I am writing this on Thursday and have scheduled a Friday publish time. If this works properly, then the bug is limited to the new Blogger post editor only. If not, then the problem is more widespread.


  1. I have this problem a lot when I publidh from Blogger's mobile app

  2. I am only accessing my blog thru my desktop. So I never encounter this problem.



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