Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feedburner Publish Date verses Blogger Entry Date

Last Tuesday, I wrote and published an AskTheBlogster blog entry titled: "Entrecard Credit Value Established at $3.37 Minimum".

However, when I checked my Adgitize statistics the following day, I noticed that I never received credit for the post.

Reviewing my published blog, I saw that it was dated Monday August 3rd, not Tuesday August 4th.

Next I looked at my published Feedburner entry, and it was dated August 4th as I expected.

So what happened? How could the dates be different?

The answer has to do with Blogger. I first began writing notes for this post entry on Monday the 3rd. Then on Tuesday, I wrote the post using the notes that I had previously written. When I was satisfied with the content, I published the post.

What I didn't realize at the time was that Blogger dates a blog entry with the day and time that the post was originally created, not when it was published. Thus, when we read the blog, we see the Monday's date.

Feedburner, however, records the time the entry was actually published. This is what we expect.

So, the lesson learned is that:

Whenever writing a Blogger Post, make sure the entry was created on the date you wish it to be timestamped. Otherwise, your posts may not receive credit from Adgitize or Entrecard (or perhaps others).

PS: I brought this matter up to Adgitize and was credited with the post. Thanks Ken!


  1. Oh yes, I was about to say that Ken would help you out with this and then I saw your last line. I don't think Entrecard gives credits for posts anymore, do they?

  2. Hey Emm

    You're right. EC isn't giving credits for posts anymore.

    Oh well!

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. ooh.. good observation. I have a blogger account with adgitize in it but I only update it once a week so I didn't notice the difference.

    I'm using Wordpress in the blog where I advertise it. Do you think it's the same with blogger? ^^

  4. Fedhz

    I'm not sure about Wordpress since I only use Blogger.

    My suggestion is to give it a try by creating a post (lets say on Monday) and then publishing it the following day (on Tuesday).

    Then check your Adgitize account the day after publishing (Wednesday). If you receive credit for the post on Tuesday, then Wordpress sets the feed date to the date you publish, which is what we expect. (However, Blogger will date the post on Monday and Adgitize credit won't be recorded).

    If Wordpress functions like blogger, you will not be credited by Adgitize. But, don't despair. Send a note to Ken at Adgitize and explain your experiment. He is very generous and understanding and will award you credit.

    Let us know what you discover.




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