Friday, October 22, 2010

OpenSky Followup - Stocking: The Blogsters Gift Shop with Merchandise

Last week we indicated that we joined OpenSky, a new venture designed to facilitate the buying and selling of merchandise.

The concept is very simple. Suppliers, merchants, manufacturers, or designers post their products on the OpenSky distribution system.

Then, Sellers, such as The Blogsters Gift Shop, select the items from the available inventory and offer them to the public via the free Store facility that every OpenSky seller is given.

This mechanism is quite simple, because those on the Supplier side gain a diverse Sales force who can target products to their own social circles.

Since joining, we learned that stocking our individual stores is rather easy. Once you have created your account and store, you are ready to sell. First you must be logged in to the OpenSky system. Next, you search for items to sell by entering a keyword in the search box. Look down the list of items, and when you see what you would like to sell, press the "Sell This" button.

Now you are ready to sell the item to your friends. Simply copy the short URL link, and press the "Share on Facebook and Twitter" link. Type in a message and paste your link and send the message.

Magically, the item will be added to your store. Below are examples of four new products we have added for the Christmas Season.

New Products for Sale at Our Store

Jennifer Carroll Santa Gift Cards

Poinsettia Holiday Runner
Holiday Gift Box
Moncalin Flat-Cats

So, if you are jewelery designer, or maker of something you want to sell, add it to OpenSky.

Or, if you are just looking for ways to make some money, try selling the OpenSky products.

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