Friday, March 16, 2012

Google Analytics adds Real-Time Page Views to help you monitor your visitor activity

One of the most interesting features of Google Analytics I discovered a few weeks ago was their new "Real-Time" page view functionality.  To access this, you will need to visit your Analytics account and select the "Home" page view. In the upper left corner of the menu, you will see the Real-Time selection. If you click on this, and then the "Overview" choice below, you will be shown a live view of the pages that visitors are accessing, similar to the image below.

The Overview page is divided 6 sections, broken into 3 rows.
  • The upper left contains the visitor count and indicates the breakdown between new and returning visitors. On the right of are indicators of the number of views per second.
  • The second row provides the Top Referrals and a listing of the Top Active Pages.
  • The third row summarizes the Top Keywords that were used to access your pages, and a map pinpointing the location of your visitors. 
If you site is relatively active, you will have a visitor count greater than zero and the page will come to life. It's really fun to sit and watch the activity!

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