Friday, February 17, 2012

Saying hello to old Adgitize & CMF friends

It's been about 7 weeks since Adgitize closed and even longer for CMF. During the heyday period of those two blog advertising networks, my regular schedule was to visit many of the members participating blogs. But now that they are closed, I find myself daydreaming about the good old days.

While traffic for this particular blog has dropped substantially, my two lottery blogs have seen a dramatic growth in search engine traffic. This has kept my morale up and generates enthusiasm to keep on blogging.

To keep myself stimulated, I've settled on routine of regularly visiting a few of the blogs who were active participants in the above networks. In particular, I enjoy stopping in and reading the posts of:
  • Orient Lodge and learning about Aldon's political, professional, and personal involvements,
  • Sharkbytes My Quality Day which has helped me weather the winter and enjoy the Michigan scenery
  • Dickster's Random Thoughts which shares Dick's personal thoughts and the family's difficulties with dealing with an autistic child
  • Some Assembly Required that is written as a personal diary documenting the life of an successful advertising executive in Texas
  • Carmen's Chronicles , an old favorite and a frequent commenter on my blogs, who has been recently visiting and living in India
  • Quick Blog Tips by Ben Barden (of CMFads fame), and Floor15 (which will be closing shortly)
  • English Wilderness by John who posts beautiful pictures scenic UK locations
While I rarely leave comments on the blogs that I visit, I just wanted to share my thoughts and let everyone know that I am still thinking about them!

PS: And of course, I continue to miss postings by our old friend Ken Brown!


  1. Hi John. Thanks for the link. :) Indeed, Floor15 is closing - it never really took off. I'm now putting my effort into Quick Blog Tips and the Weekly Blogging newsletter, with a community site in the pipeline for the Weekly Blogging website. I'm also closing my personal blog and have started working on a new social media blog ("Socially Enhanced?"). Plus I'm working on setting up an entertainment/reviews blog with a blogging friend. So it's all change for me. Hope you're well :)

  2. Thanks for the mention John. I have this blog on my list of blogs that I follow, so I come by here whenever I notice an update


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