Friday, December 30, 2011

Ode to Adgitize - Goodbye my friend, goodbye

On Tuesday, Ken Brown announced that Adgitize is abruptly closing on January 1st 2012. After three continuous years of service, this World Class Advertising network is calling it quits.  Unfortunately, the costs to operate the service exceed the revenues generated. And, with a 3 year IRS rule that requires small companies to earn a profit else lose the ability to deduct its losses, Adgitize like many, is forced to close.

Compounding the problem is that the Adgitize network required a 24 by 7 support effort. Its owner, Ken seemed to never sleep. He was there to help everyone open an account, approve the ads, answer questions, collect and forward payments and more.  (His wife was probably ready to divorce him).

Yet Adgitize was a great service for all of us bloggers. It brought many of us together and forged many friendships. Being required to click on 51 or 100 blogs a day, many of us became regular visitors of other blogs. We looked forward to reading new articles and watching them grow.

Being awarded points for publishing an article forced most of us to write new posts daily. We learned how to think of new topics, and write concise and interesting articles on short notice.

We are going to miss the organization that Adgitize brought to our blogging lives. There is my:

Ode to Adgitize

There will be No more:
Member's Lounge,
Preferred Publishers,
Conversations in the Forum.

We'll miss:
Daily Earnings
Clicks Earned Today
Page Views Today
Ad Views Earned Today.

And Gone are:
Total Points Earned This Month,
Blogs Not Clicked Today.
and More.

But most importantly,
we lose the
Adgitize Portal
Ken Brown Administrator.

Although I've only achieved 
Mentor status in the Forum, 
I'm sure the Marketing Masters,
Teachers, Scouts, Tenderfoots, and Students,
will all miss the Forum.

While you may may gone,
You will never be forgotten.
They say the good die young
and we will continue to make you proud.

So until we meet again, 
Goodbye my friend,


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. And how many ad networks have actually been mourned by so many at their passing? Adgitize was really great.

  3. That's a wonderful ode to Adgitize.I hope Ken will come out with something to get the Adgitize community together again..Till then I will greatly miss Adgitize

  4. Nice post there, we will surely miss Adgitize. Never did I heard any advertising scheme such as great as Adgitize. Salute to Ken Brown

  5. So true! A fitting ode! I am going to miss Adgitize dearly. Hope you give some alternative solutions.

  6. What a wonderful poem to cap the closing of Adgitize! I, as an Adgitize publisher and advertiser for the last 2 months and a half, continue to rage and rage against the closing of Adgitize.

    I will surely miss many of my blogging friends in Adgitize, now that the network is closing.

    But life goes on. Time to move on.


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