Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogger Provides Favicon Functionality

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Earlier this month, Google announced that they have provided Blogger users the capability to add their own unique favicon to their Blogger blogs. Prior to this, only users who could host their own favicon file could add this to their blogger template. Now, however, all Blogger users can create a favicon file and blogger will upload and host it for us.

At present, there are a couple of quirks. First, this functionality is only available to those using Blogger in Draft. Second, once the favicon is uploaded, many users have reported that they do not see it on their tab or url lines. I had the same problem, but found that it was resolved when I closed all instances of my browsers, and then reopened them.

To assist you with adding a favicon to your blog, please refer to Blogger's article: Customize Your Favicon

To assist you with the design and creation of a favicon, please see our 2009 article: Add a Favicon to Your Website or Blog

We are thrilled that Blogger has provided this enhanced functionality and we are sure that every Blogger user will take advantage of it.
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  1. Great feature. I'm enjoying this added functionality as it gives more character to my blog site.

  2. i've never self hosted and have favicons on my blogger blogs.


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