Friday, May 13, 2011

Three Cheers for Blogger!

After a bit more than a day, it's back online. Many of us have missed this terrific service and were extremely worried about our blogs.

Congratulations to Blogger for resolving the problem quickly and getting us back online. Thanks for the good work!


  1. Can you make that two cheers? Or maybe one cheer is sufficient. It seems all my posts since early Tuesday morning have disappeared into the ether, along with editing and comments on earlier posts.

    For me, that was about four-five hours of "work." It is making me rethink whether it's worth my while to put energy into something so ephemeral. And it makes me worried about the business data I put on Google Documents. Losing my personal blog stuff is a mere annoying nuisance, but losing important business data that other people (clients) rely on would be devastating.

    Obviously I need to be more vigilant in saving and preserving data in non-Google sources. The "cloud" may be very wispy indeed.

  2. @Richard, I'll keep it at 3 cheers for a while. According their blog communications, they removed all posts since Wednesday, but are working on restoring those as well. I haven't lost as much work as you, but I must wait to see if they succeed in the restoration.

    As for Google Documents and business data, I think your comments are right on target.

  3. I never realized how important Blogger is to me and I use it merely for social blogging purposes! I am glad I don't depend on it for business needs!

    Considering I don't pay a cent fr it and it's given me over a year and a half of pleasure and a world of new friends and contacts, I don't see how I really can complain too much!

  4. @RNSANE, I agree and that's why I say thanks. It's free, it works, and its by Google!

  5. Thank God, but just wondering what is it that they have resolved. I even dont know what is the problem.


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