Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Increase or Decrease Webpage Fonts using Only Keystrokes

Very often when I am browsing the web, I visit websites or blogs that are difficult for me to read because the font size is either too small or too large. I have learned to overcome this problem by simply increasing or decreasing the the font size until I can read it.

Using three key stokes, it is easy to adjust the fonts:
  • Pressing the < ctrl > and "+" keys together, the font increases (gets bigger),
  • Pressing the < ctrl > and "-" keys together, the font decreases (gets smaller), and
  • Pressing the < ctrl > and "0" keys together, returns the page to the original size.
The only trick in using these coordinated key strokes is that the < ctrl > button must be pressed first, and remain depressed. Then, using your other hand, press the "+", "-", or "0" buttons. You don't have to worry about the upper case, because the < ctrl > button indicates the action.

I've tried this technique in Firefox, Internet Explore, and Chrome and each browser works the same.

So, I hope this little trick helps to make your browsing experiences more enjoyable as well!


  1. Also works in Opera and Safari :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip - will put it on a sticky note and attach it to the rest of the sticky notes (maybe I should start a notebook of "tips")
    On a Mac the Ctl is the Command key

  3. @John, thanks for confirming these browsers.


    @thevegetariancenterblog, I appreciate your taking the time to comment and letting us know about your sticky notes!

    Cheers, JL............

  4. Is this similar to pressing the ctrl button and moving the mouse wheel?

  5. @Agentmango - Holy Cow, you're right. This is the same functionality except for the CTRL 0 which returns the page back to normal. Thanks for the comment!


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