Friday, April 8, 2011

America's Unspoken Threats - Part 2

Last week we wrote an article about the financial crisis that America is facing. Now today, the politicians are arguing and debating about the 2011 budget that was supposed to be passed last year. At issue is the question of $20 to $40 billion budget cuts that the Republicans have proposed but the Democrats oppose. If the two parties cannot agree, then the Government may have to shutdown until a budget is passed.

Interestingly enough, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans for the shutdown crisis. While they admit that they failed to pass a budget when they had control of both houses, they say the Republicans are unwavering in their stand. Further, they continue to blame the former President for causing this mess, but they ignore the fact that they have recklessly spent trillions of dollars in the past two years that President Obama was leading the country.

From a taxpayers viewpoint, we believe that a shutdown is an important step to retaking control our nation's finances and putting the breaks on those who control our spending.

While no one person may be responsible for the debt we've recently amassed, we believe that a number of individuals play important roles in our fiscal irresponsibilities.

Cast of Characters
First, the President, as leader of our country, is ultimately responsible for the debt and financial stability while he is so empowered to be our leader. However, during his reign, the President has traveled lavishly, entertaining large numbers of his friends, family, and associates. The costs of such trips has exceeded billions of dollars which he expects the taxpayers to fund. Next, he has escalated the war in Afganastan and most recently initiated military actions against Libya. He uses his governing power to have us pay for campaign trips across the country, and then instructs the media to cover his tracks.

Next is our Justice Department, which has resolved nothing in the past two years. Instead, it has been spending millions of dollars erecting obstacles to our States and National Security. Two examples are: the failure to address the trials of the Guantanamo prisoners in a timely manner; and, suing Arizona for attempting to secure its border.

Third and most importantly is our Congress and Senate. During the past two years, they have passed uncontrollable spending laws that will destroy our health care system and authorized massive bailout expenditures. They continue to refuse to address our mounting debt issues, yet utilize our funds for their own personal travel and enjoyment.

Fourth and lastly, our media is responsible for failing to pressure the elected officials to be responsible. Instead of publicizing the costs of our mounting debt, they focus instead on the President's entertainment and the Tea Party.

The above video illustrates the blatant failure of our elected officials and media to pursue a proper fiscal course of action. In it, Bill O'Reilly presses Charlie Rangel on why the 2011 budget was not passed last year. Rangel explained that the budget was not an important issue because there was no public uproar. When O'Reilly tried to continue, Mr. Rangel changed to topic to health care, environmental regulations, our dependence on oil, the newly elected congress who do not know how to compromise, and finally the rise of a young O'Reilly trying to be a successful superstar. O'Reilly never stayed focused and allowed the smiling Rangel to charismatically attack the public. In the end, O'Reilly failed to defend our issues and meekly ended the segment. The entire broadcast appeared to be fully scripted and rehearsed in order to leave a favorable impression of the reckless Democratics while blaming the Republicans for the current fiscal mess.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more John. The only thing the Democrats are good at is the blame game… oh, and spending. A shutdown would have been a better alternative than compromise here. Has there even been a more inept President in the history of this nation? Or a more incompetent Justice Department? And I could go on, but I’ll call it a night here. My prayer is, “Deliver us from blind leaders of the blind.”

  2. And really, who is Charles Rangel, the tax evading, wrongful spending of public funds for personal vacations, to speak his opinion anyway?

  3. Thanks Debra & Namzola for your input.

    I agree that we should have had a shutdown, and now I'm fearful that the Repubs have lost their credibility.

    And for Charles, I'm glad you find it ironic that he is now the saintly spokesman for the opposition.

    Let's go Trump!


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