Friday, April 1, 2011

America's Unspoken Threats - Part 1

Whether your mission is to destroy the American economy, install a Muslim dictatorship in America, or simply make a lot of money from economic chaos, you couldn't hope for a better political environment to achieve your goal.

Given the dire collapse of the housing market a couple of years ago which resulted in the failings of several large investment banks and corporate companies, a little know politician was thrust into the presidential spotlight. As things worsened, that person's backers succeeded in electing him as President of the United States.

Since that time, the President's actions and motives have been the focal point of conservative criticism. But, because of his political party base, bills and laws have been rammed into law without the elected legislatures having bothered to perform their duties to read and understand the laws.

It is a free for all time for the Democratic Party: passing whatever they can for the betterment of the party; and blocking proposals from the opposition parties.

So here we are today, looming on the brink of bankruptcy, and the President continues spending like crazy, taking lavish vacations, supporting enemy troops of America, pushing entitlements and failing to pass a budget. No one is managing our governmental spending or alerting the public of the danger we are facing. And without fiscal responsibility, our country could be facing foreclosure just like the thousands of homeowners that recklessly took advantage of the seemingly unfaltering housing market.

The American society is threatened by the political unrest in the Middle Eastern countries, but our politicians are more focused on trying to advance their parties agendas rather than governing our country responsibly. It is not only the Democrats, but the Republicans also. No one wants to admit that our country's core values are in trouble, so it's politics as usual.

In the following two issues that we will publish in the following weeks, we will examine: the cast of American characters influencing our downfall; and the worst case scenario that could possibly result if the lucky stars continue to be aligned for the ruling class of our beloved country.
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