Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tales Do Come True - The Royal Wedding

As the Johnny Richards & Carolyn Leigh song Young at Heart begins:

Fairy Tales
Can Come True
It Can Happen to You

And so today we celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton.

In a time with so much strife, unrest, and economic hardships in the world, it is a joy to join in the celebration of Prince William's wedding. We awoke early to watch the procession and service at Westminster Abby. The bride was absolutely stunning and certainly worthy of the handsome Prince.

Source: Royal Wedding - The Telegraph
We wish the couple all the happiness in the world, and hope that their days will be blessed with health, safety, pleasure, and children throughout their days as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

May the light of the Lord shine upon you each and every day of your lives.


Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Wish to All

Resurrection of ChristImage via Wikipedia
Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppity
Easter's on its way

Easter is a special Christian holiday. It marks the Resurrection of Christ, the day he arose from the dead, conquering it step by step. So as we now all celebrate his life on this special day, let us also give thanks and remembrance to all those soldiers who fought and are fighting for our freedom in this troubled world.

Happy Easter Everyone!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

America's Unspoken Threats - Part 3

The western front of the United States Capitol...Image via Wikipedia
Let me first begin by saying:

This is Fiction!

Given the uncontrolled spending by the U.S. Government, the civil unrest in the Middle East, and the lackadaisical elected Congress and Senate, the stage is being set for a governmental overthrow.

The democracy that was established by our founding fathers is poised to be removed and replaced by a New World Order that would be ruled by a single appointed dictator.

How could this happen one may ask? Perhaps more easily than imagined given our recent events.
  • First, consider that our President has established a precedent for bypassing Congress and following the suggestions of the Arab League. 
  • We've helped (and are helping) to overthrow the governments of Egypt and Libya. Should these countries be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, then a very powerful band of nations infiltrated by Al-Qaeda is formed.
  • Our Space Program and defense system has been de-funded and handed to the Russians.
  • China holds a large portion of our debt.
  • Our military is weakened by the spreading of our solders across foreign lands, fighting two separate wars, and supporting the Libyan rebels. Many of our missiles have already been used to attack Libya and our defense arsenal is being depleted.
  • The Russians requested control of our nuclear defense system.
  • The Government's spending is putting us closer to the brink of bankrupcy.
  • The Justice Department has delayed prosecuting any Muslim related terrorists, who may be calling the shots while imprisoned in luxury.
  • Nancy Pelosi believes we in the U.S. place too much emphasis on elections and they "shouldn't matter so much".
  • Hillary Clinton praises the contributions of Muslim Americans.
  • The Health Care Reform Act threatens to deny health care benefits to anyone it wishes.
  • The President wants to increase the taxation of the U.S. public because we all have to share.
  • No one is seriously questioning the motives or actions of our politicians.
  • And, on and on.
So, what can happen? How could our government be replaced by a New World Order?
  • First, student uprisings across our country could begin to demand a change.
  • Next, the President would confer with the Arab League.
  • NATO would declare military peace-keeping missions in the U.S.
  • The President would grant the peace keepers with supreme military power.
  • The liberal Supreme Court would rule in the President's favor.
  • Hedge funds and traders would force a collapse of our currency. 
  • China, and the other holders of our debt would demand immediate payment, forcing our Treasury into bankruptcy. 
  • Congress would declare a State of Emergency and confiscate all American's money.
  • Health care would be denied to dissenters.
  • NATO and the Arab League would elect the President to be the New World Leader.
  • Elections as we know them in the United States would cease to be held.
  • A two-class Socialist system would then be in place.
Granted, the above is all:


But, if we as Americans are blind to the possibilities and continue to ignore the serious threats that we face, America as we know it could be pulled from under our feet without even a hint of resistance.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

America's Unspoken Threats - Part 2

Last week we wrote an article about the financial crisis that America is facing. Now today, the politicians are arguing and debating about the 2011 budget that was supposed to be passed last year. At issue is the question of $20 to $40 billion budget cuts that the Republicans have proposed but the Democrats oppose. If the two parties cannot agree, then the Government may have to shutdown until a budget is passed.

Interestingly enough, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans for the shutdown crisis. While they admit that they failed to pass a budget when they had control of both houses, they say the Republicans are unwavering in their stand. Further, they continue to blame the former President for causing this mess, but they ignore the fact that they have recklessly spent trillions of dollars in the past two years that President Obama was leading the country.

From a taxpayers viewpoint, we believe that a shutdown is an important step to retaking control our nation's finances and putting the breaks on those who control our spending.

While no one person may be responsible for the debt we've recently amassed, we believe that a number of individuals play important roles in our fiscal irresponsibilities.

Cast of Characters
First, the President, as leader of our country, is ultimately responsible for the debt and financial stability while he is so empowered to be our leader. However, during his reign, the President has traveled lavishly, entertaining large numbers of his friends, family, and associates. The costs of such trips has exceeded billions of dollars which he expects the taxpayers to fund. Next, he has escalated the war in Afganastan and most recently initiated military actions against Libya. He uses his governing power to have us pay for campaign trips across the country, and then instructs the media to cover his tracks.

Next is our Justice Department, which has resolved nothing in the past two years. Instead, it has been spending millions of dollars erecting obstacles to our States and National Security. Two examples are: the failure to address the trials of the Guantanamo prisoners in a timely manner; and, suing Arizona for attempting to secure its border.

Third and most importantly is our Congress and Senate. During the past two years, they have passed uncontrollable spending laws that will destroy our health care system and authorized massive bailout expenditures. They continue to refuse to address our mounting debt issues, yet utilize our funds for their own personal travel and enjoyment.

Fourth and lastly, our media is responsible for failing to pressure the elected officials to be responsible. Instead of publicizing the costs of our mounting debt, they focus instead on the President's entertainment and the Tea Party.

The above video illustrates the blatant failure of our elected officials and media to pursue a proper fiscal course of action. In it, Bill O'Reilly presses Charlie Rangel on why the 2011 budget was not passed last year. Rangel explained that the budget was not an important issue because there was no public uproar. When O'Reilly tried to continue, Mr. Rangel changed to topic to health care, environmental regulations, our dependence on oil, the newly elected congress who do not know how to compromise, and finally the rise of a young O'Reilly trying to be a successful superstar. O'Reilly never stayed focused and allowed the smiling Rangel to charismatically attack the public. In the end, O'Reilly failed to defend our issues and meekly ended the segment. The entire broadcast appeared to be fully scripted and rehearsed in order to leave a favorable impression of the reckless Democratics while blaming the Republicans for the current fiscal mess.

Friday, April 1, 2011

America's Unspoken Threats - Part 1

Whether your mission is to destroy the American economy, install a Muslim dictatorship in America, or simply make a lot of money from economic chaos, you couldn't hope for a better political environment to achieve your goal.

Given the dire collapse of the housing market a couple of years ago which resulted in the failings of several large investment banks and corporate companies, a little know politician was thrust into the presidential spotlight. As things worsened, that person's backers succeeded in electing him as President of the United States.

Since that time, the President's actions and motives have been the focal point of conservative criticism. But, because of his political party base, bills and laws have been rammed into law without the elected legislatures having bothered to perform their duties to read and understand the laws.

It is a free for all time for the Democratic Party: passing whatever they can for the betterment of the party; and blocking proposals from the opposition parties.

So here we are today, looming on the brink of bankruptcy, and the President continues spending like crazy, taking lavish vacations, supporting enemy troops of America, pushing entitlements and failing to pass a budget. No one is managing our governmental spending or alerting the public of the danger we are facing. And without fiscal responsibility, our country could be facing foreclosure just like the thousands of homeowners that recklessly took advantage of the seemingly unfaltering housing market.

The American society is threatened by the political unrest in the Middle Eastern countries, but our politicians are more focused on trying to advance their parties agendas rather than governing our country responsibly. It is not only the Democrats, but the Republicans also. No one wants to admit that our country's core values are in trouble, so it's politics as usual.

In the following two issues that we will publish in the following weeks, we will examine: the cast of American characters influencing our downfall; and the worst case scenario that could possibly result if the lucky stars continue to be aligned for the ruling class of our beloved country.
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