Friday, January 7, 2011

How Hundreds of Bloggers Make Money with Adgitize

Perhaps the two most frustrating things bloggers experience are failing to attract readership and not making any money.  But, you're not alone. There are currently over 150 million blogs, and it is estimated that approximately 50,000 are created each day. 
However, many of us have resolved these problems by joining Adgitize, a free advertising network linking publishers and advertisers together.

Adgitize was launched in November 2008 by Ken Brown. Its mission is to provide bloggers with an advertising environment that brings solid traffic without click fraud risk. They do this by returning most of the advertising revenue received back to Adgitize community members. Currently, over 40 million ad views are displayed each month.

Joining Adgitize is 100% free. Once you become a member, you are encouraged to add their advertising widgets to your blog.

Adgitize rewards members with cash incentives for their participation. The cash rebates are based on a daily point system. Those members who earn 300 points a day will receive about $0.50 per day. Those earning 500 points will receive $0.70 per day. This means that:

Active Members Earn between $15 to $21 per Month

Members who accumulate $10 are paid the following month via Paypal.

To earn this income, you are not required to be an advertiser. However, those who do tend to receive more income.

To earn $15 per month as a publisher, you will need to do 3 things daily which will take 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time:
  1. Write a new original blog post
  2. Click on 101 member advertisements
  3. Write a 200 word post in their forum.
Additionally, you will earn additional points for the number of your blog's page views and the number of advertiser ads displayed. If you have good traffic, this can total up to another 100 points.

If you decide to advertise on Agitize, you will receive 100 additional points, and your click requirement is reduced to 51. Besides these two benefits,

Advertisers Ads are Displayed on Member Widgets
You Receive More Visitor Traffic.

The cost of advertising is $14 per 31 day month. There are also discounted rates of $78 for a 6-month ad ($13/month) and $144 per year ($12/month).

What we've discovered is that after you participate in the network for one month, you will have earned enough money to pay for an advertising month.

To help you overcome the financial hurdle, we are offering all new members who join Adgitize from our site, a one time rebate (via your Adgitize account) at the end of your first advertising term. The our cash rebate offer is:
  • $2 rebate for those buying a 1 month ad
  • $4 rebate for those buying a 6 month ad
  • $6 rebate for those buying a 12 month ad
Currently, this offer is good for all of 2011 and will expire on December 31, 2011.

To qualify for our rebate,
  • Join Adgitize using our affiliate link above
  • Purchase a 1 month ($14/mo), 6 month ($78, $13/mo), or 1 year ($144, $12/mo) Adgitize ad.
  • This offer is for New Members Only which Adgitize indicates you as our Sponsored Affiliate.
Remember, you don't have to begin advertising immediately. We recommend that you join Adgitize now, and begin participating and accumulating points. Once your earnings reach $14, then purchase a one month ad and see the difference in earnings results. After, you can determine whether you should remain an advertiser or be a publishers only.

Here's my experience. I've been an Adgitize member for over 2 years now. Currently I have a 6 month ad running, which cost me $78. Each month, my earnings from the site have ranged from $18-$21, giving me a profit of $5 to $8 per month. I'm targeting an annual profit of $80 which I'll use to take my wife out to dinner.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful information. I have never used my Adgitize ads when I signed up before since I was afraid that my ads for google will get affected. But now that it was gone, I started using Adgitize again. But I happen to hear more when I read your informative posts. Thanks for the great tips.

  2. @Strawberry, Glad you found this post helpful. I look forward to visiting your site on Adgitize and am glad you're going to be more involved. Thanks for writing! JL....

  3. Interesting post..Easy to understand tutorial on how to participate in the Adgitize program.Keep going!

  4. It's amazing there are so many blogs out there! Awesome.
    Here's the answer to your "What are Indigo ?"
    Namaste, Carol


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