Friday, December 24, 2010

The Football & Crystal Christmas Disaster

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I grew up in a small two bedroom apartment along the Canadian border. The harsh New York State winters were ideal for hockey and football players. I couldn't skate, but I loved football. As soon as the fall weather turned cold, I would go outside and pretend I was a professional football quarterback.

For my 8 year birthday, which was on Christmas Day, my parents surprised me with a new football. I was thrilled! And, my Dad surprised my Mom with a new set to crystal stemware, consisting of 12 water, wine, and champagne glasses.

We were having my Aunt and Uncle for dinner, so my Mom arranged her new stemware on the dining room table. Aunt Amber loved them. I in turn, wanted to show off my new football. As the adults were standing around the table, I yelled "Catch" to my Dad and tossed the football to him.

But, he wasn't ready for it. The ball bounced out of his hands and onto the table, knocking over the new crystal glasses. Like bowling pins, each of them fell over and knocked the other ones down. Several rolled onto the hardwood floor.

Before anyone could react, many were broken. My mother was shattered and my dad wanted to kill me! So, after the day was over, my Mom had an 8 set of glasses rather than the 12 that were gifted.

And I learned a valuable lesson:

Never Throw a Football in the House!

Merry Christmas everyone  and remember this story so it doesn't happen to you.
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  1. Oh man that was a tough way to learn, I imagine the sinking feeling when it happened.

  2. Yes Oyvind, it was a horrible experience. But, now after all these years, we can laugh. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Ah yes, many a child has learned this lesson- maybe with less expensive breakables. Most have to re-learn it as teens. Reminds me of the ad on TV with the guy power washing the deck. Have you seen that one. Hilarious!

  4. I haven't seen the guy power washing, but I'll be on the lookout for it. Thanks for stopping by Sharkbytes and have a Safe & Happy New Year. Oh, and good luck on Monday!


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