Friday, September 3, 2010

Popular Posts & Pageview Stats Now in Blogger

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At the beginning of this past week, Blogger in Draft released two new  gadgets for your blog:
  1. Popular Posts, and
  2. Pageview Stats
The first displays the titles and snippets of up to 10 of your most popular posts. And, the second provides a graph and total page count of your visits since Stats were added in June 2010.

We added both of these on our sidebar towards the middle of the scroll down display. For now, these are only available in Blogger in Draft, but we are sure that both of these will become an instant hit when released to all.

Blogger just keeps getting better!
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  1. I'm actually loving all the new features including the templates. I now use the Blogger stats rather than Google analytics because there are not only more detailed stats but also seem more accurate.

  2. Agreed Poetic, the improvements that Blogger made this past year are incredible - and to think, its all free.

    Have a great Holiday Weekend.


  3. True; it's already come in handy for me. I still use Google Analytics for the heavy lifting, but I love Blogger Stats for the widgets, and it's nice to glance on activity on my blog throughout the day.


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