Friday, September 24, 2010

Bloggers: Join Adgitize & Place an Ad to Get $3, $7, or $14 Rebate from Us

Adgitize, a leading blog advertising network, is conducting a membership drive promotion through the month of October.

To help them succeed, we are offering all new bloggers who join Adgitize through our affiliate link and purchase a 1, 6, or 12 month standard ad a cash rebate at the end of the ad's term.

To qualify, all you have to do is join Adgitize with our link and purchase a 125x125. We suggest that you ask us to verify that you have joined properly and qualify for our rebate before placing your ad.

Our rebate schedule will be as follows for those who qualify and have purchased a:
  • 1 Month Ad for $14, we will pay you $3 back when your ad expires.
  • 6 Month Ad for $78 ($13 per month), we will pay you $7 back when your ad expires.
  • 12 Month Ad for $144 ($12 per month), we will pay you $14 back when your ad expires.
Payment will be either: a direct transfer to your PayPal account; or, as an Adgitize Gift Certificate (your choice).

Besides having your ad displayed and receiving new visitor traffic, you will automatically have the opportunity to earn a daily cash reward from Adgitize directly. In fact, most advertising members receive monthly payments nearly equal to their monthly advertising cost.

This means that after the initial cash outlay, perpetually free monthly advertising is very realistic.

Conditions for Receiving a Rebate from us:
  1. You must be a new member of Adgitize
  2. Your blog/account must be listed as one of our Sponsored Affiliate with Ads
  3. Only regular 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month ad purchases qualify
  4. 7-day, 14-day, Monster ads DO NOT QUALIFY
  5. Payment will be made after expiration your your ad.
  6. You may direct us to either remit payment to you via PayPal or through Adgitize.
Have fun and Thanks!


Adgitize your web site.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Is thebloghub Stealing Your Content? Don't Fall for the Trap!

The growth and dependency of using RSS feeds to distribute your blog's content to other publishers has been an acceptable and often rewarding vehicle for expanding your reach. Among the most popular applications of RSS are for displaying "related content". Additionally, many start-ups have relied on the RSS feeds to provide a categorized index of related blogs to help in a user search. Generally, all is well with this approach.

But, when RSS falls in the wrong hands, copyrighted data could be illegally claimed and publishers may find themselves victims of identy theft.

This article exposes the dangers publishers face when utilization of RSS is available to sites like

Are You a Victim?
Visit the site, and enter your blog's title in the search box located in the upper right of the page. Then press "search"

If the returned results indicate "No Search found", then great. You're safe.

But if your blog is listed in the returned results, your site has been compromised.

Don't Panic, and read on.

DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE - Don't try to login with you email address or username, and Don't enter a password. (See below).

Click on your blog's entry and you will be surprised to see that all of your content is being presented as if it is theirs. The title will be yours, and all of your recent posts will be displayed. Google ads will be surrounding your pirated posts. If someone clicks on them, thebloghub will receive the AdSense revenue.

Worse, move your mouse over the title of each post. You'll notice that the links point to their own internal pages, again, not yours.

The only place you will see reference to your site is under a header link titled: Visit Author's Website.

What's Going On?
In my opinion, thebloghub is preying you your emotional vulnerability. You see your content has been stolen and you want it back.

Further, many new bloggers enroll their sites with a variety of sites, hoping to gain instant exposure to readership, and for back-links. After a while, the blogger forgets: with whom he has registered, with what username; and with what password.

My three blogs are listed on their site. And, like most other victims, I did not join this site. I am not a member, and I did not give them permission to display my content and change my links. But, my information is there anyway.

What They Want
I believe that thebloghub is trying to obtain our various usernames, email addresses, and passwords.

With this information and your IP address, they can determine where you live. This geographic data can be used to correlate which banks and credit cards you use. Further, they can access your email and other online accounts to gain access to you finances, etc.

In short, they are trying to Steal Your Identity!

The amount of revenue they will receive from Google ads is minimal by comparison to the value of your financial data.

They don't care about your content, only your private information.

Don't give it to them!

What you Should and Should Not Do
As a victimized blogger, there are four things that you should do:
  1. Change Your Passwords Immediately if you entered any information on their site.
  2. Read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  3. Complete and submit Google AdSense DMCA Complaint Form
  4. Forget about it.
Additionally, you should NOT:
  1. Try to contact them directly
  2. Report your URL's to them using the "Report Content Page"
  3. Give anyone your usernames, email addresses, or passwords.
  4. If contacted by them, do not respond.
Providing any information to thebloghub will only indicate that "you are a live one", i.e. "someone who's fallen for the bait"

In summary, RSS feeds can be a blogger's best friend. They can be used to help distribute your content and help you obtain a broader readership.

But in the hands of organized criminals, RSS feeds can be used as a decoy to obtain your most private personal data.

If you have discovered that thebloghub has stolen your content, don't fall into their trap. Instead, follow the advice we provided above and let the proper authorities investigate and resolve the problem

Stay safe,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Forty Years of Love - An Anniversary Poem

On this Eve of 911, we try to find solace in Remembering our Loved Ones whether living or past. 

Several years ago, my parents were celebrating their 40th Anniversary. We were hosting a huge family party and I was asked to give a speech. I tried to find something fitting but could not find the right words. So, I decided to write my own poem.

Then as I visited the CMF site today, I read a Featured Article titled:

With that good news, I decided that now is the time to publish my Poem. It is dedicated to all parents, grandparents, partners, and loved ones who have reached an important milestone in their lives together here on earth or in heaven.

Forty Years of Love

Forty Years of Love
Together Hand in Hand
As on the Day They Met So Young
Together Hand in Hand

They Talked of Love
They Talked of Life
Together Hand in Hand

They Had Their Kids
And Raised the Kids
Together Hand in Hand

Yet Through the Years
They Faced their Tears
Together Hand in Hand

Then with a Blink
And with a Flash
Forty Years Has Past

And Here they Stand
Before Us Now
Together Hand in Hand

With Forty Years of Love

Two years ago, I modified the poem for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary. You too can do this by substituting the word Forty with the word Fifty. Additionally, I believe that any "..ty" year will work, i.e. Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety

Should you use this poem in one of your celebrations, please let us know. All we ask is that you always give us credit as being the author and mean the words.


PS: Congratulations Jim and Carol on your 40th Anniversary.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spottt Goes to Doggie Heaven

Image representing Spottt as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase
This morning I read in the CMF forums that Spottt, a free Link Exchange from Adbrite was officially retired. After visiting the official site, I discovered that this was indeed true. The Spottt service is no longer offered.

I feel bad about this because Spottt was the first network exchange banner system in which I became involved. It was introduced in beta in September 2007, and was officially launched in February 2008. Initially, the folks at
  were were extremely involved, but the enthusiasm waned a few months later.

While it never achieved the success of Entrecard, Adgitize, or CMFAds, I always left its widget on my blogs because I loved the cute little mascot.

If you had been displaying a Spottt widget on you site, you will notice only a void where the widget once appeared. Spottt is gone, and you should remove its code to avoid any access violation when attempting to reach the superceded url.

Bye-bye Spottt, we'll miss ya.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Popular Posts & Pageview Stats Now in Blogger

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase
At the beginning of this past week, Blogger in Draft released two new  gadgets for your blog:
  1. Popular Posts, and
  2. Pageview Stats
The first displays the titles and snippets of up to 10 of your most popular posts. And, the second provides a graph and total page count of your visits since Stats were added in June 2010.

We added both of these on our sidebar towards the middle of the scroll down display. For now, these are only available in Blogger in Draft, but we are sure that both of these will become an instant hit when released to all.

Blogger just keeps getting better!
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