Friday, August 27, 2010

Zemanta Really Does Help You Distribute Your Content

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As a followup to my July 16th post about Zemanta, I was recently performing a Google search for this site, The results were surprising. There were numerous blog entries with a Zemanta link back to that article, and few to one or two others.

It was then that I realized that perhaps the most important benefit of using this product, which is:

Zemanta will really distribute 
links to your content 
through the Zemanta Assistant!

When I first wrote that posting, several things impressed me. First was that I received a comment from Andraz Tori of Zemanta, which thanked me for the post, and then gave contact information for the company. Second, I couldn't believe how easy the tool was to use. Simply click on an Assistant picture or link and they are immediately added to you post.

However, the best benefit was received  after I clicked on the "preferences page" link shown on the Assiatant widget. (I would have privided the link itself, but I believe the response page is tied to directly to an individual blogID).  There I found that I could submit my blogs to Zemanta, and if accepted, they would be included as as suggested sources to other authors. I did just that, and not long afterward, Zemanta was recommending my content to others!

You too can do the same by following these simple steps:
  • Add Zemanta Gadget to your blog.
  • Start writing a new post.
  • Look for and click the "preferences page" link the Assistant.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see a section titled "My sources". 
  • Click the "Add you blog" to Zemanta Index link (just below)
  • Enter your blog feed address and  contact email
  • Press Submit.
While they say they will contact you and let you know if you site was accepted, I never received anything. Instead, links to my articles just began appearing by Magic.

So if you're looking for ways to distribute your content,  give Zemanta a try. It's definitely working for me.
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