Friday, August 20, 2010

VigLink Helps Bloggers Make Money Easily

Without much fanfare, Google Ventures and others, have invested in the startup company:

The concept is simple. VigLink associates all your inbound and outbound links with your unique identifier. Then, whenever at visitor traverses from your site to another and buys something, you will automatically be eligible to earn affiliate income on that purchase. According to the company,

Our goal is to increase your ability to
link to new merchants and earn commissions. 

You can quickly and easily join VigLink by clicking on the banner below (or on the right hand sidebar).

Once you enroll, simply add the snippet of javascript code to your blog's template or website. They provide an easy to use verification tool to ensure that you code is active. Then, just sit back and wait. Visit their site regularly to see which links your visitors use.

The great parts about Viglink is that it allows you to
  • participate in multiple affiliate programs without having to join the individual programs,
  • eliminates the time consuming management your individual memberships and banners,
  • both blogs and websites may participate,
  • you don't need to clutter your site with affiliate ads or banners,
  • their link reporting analytics are superb.
While you may not earn income immediately, you will definitely benefit by viewing and understanding the traffic patterns of your site. So give it a go as there is only upside potential for you!
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