Friday, February 26, 2010

Seiko's Diary - Blog Review

The third major sponsor of  Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary contest is a blog titled:

It is written by a working mother who is devoted to her family. Her four children are all girls, and her husband is always helping them out.

The blog uses the "Fashionholic Template", which is fitting to a woman's diary. The background is white with black text, and the titles + links + border are pink.

While the site contains tabbed pages, two of those are RSS feeds. One is a feed of the posts; and the other is a feed of the comments. (The other two tabs are Home and Edit.)

Along the right, is a wide sidebar containing a variety of Link entries, network communities, awards, and other goodies.

Theme & Content
The theme of the site centers on Seiko's viewpoint, wishes, desires, and experiences as a women. Her latest post, Girls Talk: Me As A lover describes her devotion to her husband. From the title, one might think it's about sex. But, it isn't. It's an article about a woman in love with her husband, an touches upon her differences and frustrations.

Writing Style & Grammar
Seiko's writing style is very fluent and descriptive. The CC: Brfeakfast In Bed post shows her wonderful husband cooking breakfast for his hard-working wife.  Seiko expresses her secret desires to enjoy an hour of privacy & silence, and enjoying Breakfast in Bed allows her this luxury while her husband is cooking.

From reading her blogger "About Me" page, we learn that Seiko is in the Marketing Industry and lives in Japan.

While her blog contains a few typo's and grammatical errors, her grasp of English and written expression is extremely good.

In the official contest announcement of the 4 major sponsors, it is written that Seiko is a mom of 5 children. However, all her pictures and writings only refer to 4 children.

Perhaps the reason that people think she has 5 kids is that she is often in the pictures with them. And, since she looks so young, visitors would assume she is one of the children too.

The site has two major drawbacks. First, it contains a music widget containing a list of her favorite songs. These begin playing as soon as the blog loads, and the songs can't be stopped.  As a result, this is annoying, not only because of the noise, but  because it slows down the loading and consumes our computer.

The second drawback is the Entrecard widget. When pressed, we get the "No such user" message. (Perhaps because the music widget violated Entrecards Terms and Conditions?)

Besides the drawbacks, Seiko's Diary is an enjoyable blog to read and visit. Here, you will learn a little bit of what "women think"; watch and learn about a wonderful family; and lastly, learn a bit about another culture!

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