Friday, February 12, 2010

Add Your Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

Several years ago when I created Lottery Power Picks, I added it to Google's Webmaster Tools. But, when I created my Blogger blogs, I didn't think that they could be added because they were simply blogspot subdirectories.

But after seeing the "Add a site..." button for years, I finally decided to see if I could enter them.

So, I pressed the button, and added my first blog.  Once entered, a Site verification page opened. Since I don't own the site, I knew I couldn't enter an HTML verification file, so I choose the "Mega tag". Google gave me a line of code that I then inserted in the head section of my blog (I did this by pressing the Edit HTML link under the Layout tab).  Once done, I pressed "verify" and my Blog was now added to Webmaster Tools.

It was only after I entered my 3 main blogs, that I realized that there was already a link to Webmaster Tools at the bottom of the Blogger Dashboard page under Tools and Resources.

Two different help pages that Google provides with complete instructions are:
Why would you want to add your blog to Webmaster Tools? There are several reasons. Information such as:
  • Top search queries
  • Links to your site
  • Crawl errors
  • Keywords
and more are given to you. Plus there is a Diagnostics and Labs section on the left side menu. Addtionally, the webmaster tools Home page provides a "Messages" area that Google will use to communicate important items to you.

I doesn't matter if you have a Blogger Blog, Wordpress, or a stand-alone website, you should add it (or them) to Webmaster Tools.

It's been very helpful to me, and it might help you as well!


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