Friday, January 29, 2010

A Week of Ups and Downs

This past week has been full of surprises for our blogging communities.

First, the Down. Adgitize went offline, almost a year to the day from the previous outage. Unlike last year's episode, there has been little communication from Ken, placing a wee bit of anxiety in the it's member community. While the site is back up, one forum post indicated that full functionality may not be restored until next week. If history repeats itself, an advertising extension of some sort will be credited to advertisers. As of now, we are in a "trust-me" state. As an aside, one of Ken's own site is "You Can Learn Series" which is a mainstay advertiser on Adgitize.  That domain registration has expired and brings visitors to a parked site. This seems to be quite odd since most folks who own a domain name don't want it to expire. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

For the Ups, both CMF Ads and Entrecard released new innovations to their product lines.

Entrecard opened, without much fan fare, it's membership to websites. While many do not believe this is significant, I believe it is important. Sites like my Lottery Power Picks have already joined and are receiving new visitors. Now, both Adgitize and Entrecard are open to websites.

And, CMF Ads introduced Network Ads. While this is similar to Adgitize, it is a great addition to their product. The primary reason is that it fills up the empty Ad space that many members experience.  While the payback to publishers will be relatively minimal in the beginning, I am sure that Ben and all will think of a way to make it more financially benefical for members to display the CMF widgets. And, this new product is a great complement to its newly released Spikes because when people visit, they will now be exposed other CMF member ads.



  1. The issue with adgitize has been frustrating, but it doesn't make that big of a difference on most of my blogs. Hope they get it fixed soon.

  2. Network ads at CMF have been running such a short time, making predictions difficult. Each publisher has the right to approve any and all network ads. For this reason some ads might pay very little, while others pay quite a bit more. I'm betting Eli's ad pays the least, since his was the first and everyone approved it. I'd also bet he has the most traffic, being the first. Give network ads a month or two to complete when we will be able to look at real stats and accurately tweak the system.

  3. Yup, you're right. Little bit less communication than previously and mostly only the support member instead of Ken answering the questions.

    Last year it was down two times too within the 2 week from 23 - 5th February with the same failures repeated (blog clicks, article points).
    Guess we wait until 2nd February and see if the professional engineer can do magic to the server :)

  4. I wish I were a little more competent in this arena. I am slowly learning from all of you but, at 65, having been an RN for 45 years, this is not my area of expertise!!

  5. Yeah, I've been waiting two weeks for my web site to be approved by EC


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