Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Rounds of Applause

This week I experienced two unexpected acts of kindness from fellow bloggers, and I wanted to provide them both with a special thank-you and round of applause.

First, I received an Alert from Ben of CMF Ads, indicating that I needed to provide a feed URL for my blogs. Since I use blogger and FeedBurner, Ben instructed me to Convert my Feed to RSS 2.0 format in order for him to read our content. I wrote back and indicated that Google recommends that we publish our feeds with Smart Feed, which will automatically send our our content in whatever format. Within a day of my reply, Ben wrote back and stated that he found a way to force the feed into RSS, thus enabling CMF to import most FeedBurner feeds. I didn't expect this speedy resolution and was impressed that Ben found a solution that is beneficial to all blogger and FeedBurner users. A round of applause to Ben!

Second, I received an Entrecard message from John of English Wilderness: Nature Photography indicating that the Entrecard chicklet that displays popularity / ad price was redirecting visitors to a parked domain. This meant that nobody could visit my blogs. This problem wasn't specific to me, so John warned others and wrote the post WARNING: ENTERCARD CHICKLET WIDGET. Additionally, he contacted the site owner and had the problem resolved before I had a chance to visit my blogs.  John suggested that I remove this chicklet from my blogs since it wasn't provided by Entrecard, and I followed his advice. I wish to thanks John for helping me and all other bloggers for his proactive efforts in protecting our micro-environment. To John: A hearty round of Applause!

Thanks again,



  1. Isn't it nice that there are folks out there whose kindness really does help!

  2. Well said RNSANE. It's great to know that in this cyber-world of malicious hackers, we really do share our own community of truthful, caring neighbors who help to keep our environment clean, safe, and operational. To our friends!!!

  3. Hey John, thanks very much for the mention - glad I could help. Your comment gave me a nudge to see if there was a better way to import feeds, so I do appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, thanks for mentioning me :-) I hope if anyone sees a problem with my blog they'd take a moment to let me know.

  5. It's great to know that in this cyber-world of malicious hackers,

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