Friday, December 11, 2009

Avoid Infecting Your PC - Only Click on Sites You Know

As I woke up this morning, I had plans of completing all my blogging chores early. So, I dropped my regular Entrecards, then began going about my 100 Adgitize clicks. Then, I was going to write a long planned AskTheBlogster entry.

Just to mix things up, I decided to start the Adgitize clicking around 100 of the Leaderboard. As usual, things were going smoothly until I reached 90 clicks!

Then, browser windows & pop up screens took over my computer. I couldn't close anything, so I rebooted.

But the malware was still there! For the past 8 hours, I have been battling this vicious & unwanted enemy.

I finally got enough control of my machine to write this post, and will begin another important Viral Scan that will take hours.

I usually open 6 Agitize sites at a time & begin clicking on them. So, I don't know if the malicious site was one that was on the Leaderboard or one that has purchased a  monthly ad.

(Perhaps even, the responsible site doesn't even know its infected).

This is really a pain in the rear, and makes one wonder if the $0.20 - $1.00 earned daily is really worth the effort.

Anyway, thanks to my recent commenters, but I won't get back to you until I clean this mess up.

And, if anyone else has a problem, please share it with all of us!



  1. I've noticed a rash of pop-ups from some sites too during my adgitize clicks.

    Two things have helped me immensely:

    1. Use a Linux-based operating system (which I do).

    2. At the very least use a pop up blocker (in FF or IE) if Linux isn't an option.

  2. Sad to know that your computer was infected by a malware. You got that from an Adgitize blog?

    Two weeks ago my computer was also infected by a Trojan, and my free anti-virus protection was of no use as the Trojan kept on multiplying within the operating system even if I quarantined it.

    At the end of the day I had to go to a computer shop, had my computer reformatted, and bought a Kapersky anti-virus protection.

    Where did I get the Trojan? From an Entrecard user on my inbox whom I drop back.

    Your advice to drop only on sites that we know makes a lot of sense, after my horrible experience.

  3. Visiting you from Blogcatalog, and I've got to agree with Eli. I've been using Kaspersky for several years now - after going through the Norton, McAfee, AVG, Comodo, etc., etc., route. Kaspersky works extremely well.

    Also, thanks! Strangely enough I had no idea about dropping cards with Adgitizer. I have it, okay advertisers, etc., but just haven't done much else with it. I'll be checking that out (carefully!)

    Best of luck to you, it's a horrible torture when your computer gets the bugs... :(

  4. There's a reason I personally screen every blog at CMF Ads for popups, malware, redirects, stolen content, and other garbage.

    Publishers with widget: 606
    Declined Sites: 445

    Almost every declined site had an Adgitize or EC widget running. Roughly 4 in 10 sites submitted couldn't meet our minimum requirements. I will also happily remove any sites you find in our network you suspect of malware.

  5. Just an update - After cleansing my computer last Friday night, I managed to get control back. I felt secure until yesterday morning. I tried to visit my daily EC sites, and then return the visit to some who had clicked on my blogs.

    All of a sudden, browsers popped up again, and I lost all control.

    So, I ran my virus scanner again and cleaned up.

    But then I downloaded my cable internet providers security suite and installed it.

    Now things are working again, but I can't use FireFox to access Entrecard or Adgitize. IE works on those sites but is very slow (I suspect it's my security suite checking things)

    So until I can figure out how to make visiting sites on those 2 networks faster, I won't be able to perform my daily dropping & clicking. (But at least, my PC is now safe) --- I'll write about my virus removal on Friday)

    @mike, @eli, @Diane, @more.., @turnip: Thanks for your comments & I'll reply to them later. I appreciate your feedback!



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