Friday, December 4, 2009

Add an RSS Feed to Your Site

As our website Lottery Power Picks has grown, we've realized that it has become difficult for visitors (and us), to find the quality articles and research pages that we worked on so hard.  We realized that going forward, we will need to rewrite many of our pages to concentrate on individual lotteries. Ideally, we would pack as much information into a compact space as possible.

So with this, we thought that we need to organize and deliver topical links that could be easily updated and broadcast. We thought about writing little individual pages for this purpose.

But in the back of our mind, we wanted our information delivered as a feed. Perhaps like many, we were intimidated by the word "feed".

We did a quick search and found that an RSS feed can be easily created. Basically, you just need to create an xml file! The two best sites that describe how to do this are:
The content in both are basically the same and provide an easy step by step method for a novice to follow. The only tricky part is that you must have a website domain that contains your files.

The xml feed file consists of a header, channel information, an individual items. The things you typically see are the items which include a: title, link, and description.

We followed their guide and created our first xml feed file. To distribute, we used FeedBurner. Below is the RSS link to our first stand-alone feed (which you can subscribe to):

Mega Millions Research Articles

Afterwards, we added our feed to our iGoogle Home Page. Soon we will be adding more and more feeds for various lotteries and topics. Best of all, we now have an easy to use distribution and organization tool that our visitors can subscribe to.

This was so easy that we wanted to share it with all of you!


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