Friday, November 13, 2009

A Thanksgiving Note to Tim

Every so often, we discover a Blog that stands above the crowd and offers much promise. One such site is:

The purpose of the site is to bring focus to a variety of Blogs by presenting monthly awards and highlighting their accomplishments. Members must join and place widgets on their site. Once done, a member can then nominate and vote for outstanding Blogs of various classes.

BlogNetAwards is very well laid out and has terrific graphics. Over the period that it operated, it featured countless Blogs that many of us visit daily.

However during the past few months, I noticed that the site hasn't been updated and I was considering removing its widgets. I wondered if the site was abandoned and simply aging away. So, I sent them mail and asked about the status.

Within minutes, I received a reply from the Administrative Director, Diane Bjorling indicating that the BlogNet Portal and dreams have temporarily been placed on hold.

The site's owner, Tim Southernwood, a parent of 4 young children, has unexpectedly been thrust into legal divorce battle. As a result, Tim needs to place his entire focus on protecting the children and getting through this difficult period.

Since I believe that BlogNetAward has been an important vehicle in our community, I would like to ask all of you to share your support of Tim and his children.

While I recognize that many in our blogging community don't share the same American Holidays or customs, the Thanksgiving / Christmas Season can be extremely stressful to a family experiencing such hardship.

You can provide your support by:
  • Leaving a comment to this post, or
  • Sending and Entrecard Message directly to BlogNetAwards
  • (I hesitate giving his email address in this post for fear of spammers).
This past year has been extremely difficult for many in our small EC / Adgitize / BlogNet community who have experienced financial hardships, severe natural disasters, and the passing of loved ones. So as this Holiday Season approaches, I stop to give thanks for blessing me and my family with health and happiness.

But more importantly, I stop to say a prayer for all those in need.

Perhaps through our support, Tim and his children will find the strength to see themselves along their difficult road, realize they're not alone, and will return to our community soon!



  1. came here to visit from adgitize...hope to hear from you!

  2. Dhemz,

    Thanks for the visit. I stoppped by your blog & left a comment.


  3. Dear John:

    Thank you for your kind words not only for BlogNet Awards but more importantly for Tim and the children.

    All to often we read a blog and we don't always think about the faces and the lives behind the author or the owner of the blog sites until something happens where we are for one reason or another made aware and for a moment we stop what we are doing and go..."how sad" or "wow, that is so kewl"

    Thanksgiving is a time where we stop for a moment and give thanks for what we have.

    I can say to you that this thanksgiving Tim and his children gathered together and although it was different, it was also very good. I had a chance to go over to the home and enjoy Tim's "famous" pumpkin pie and Saskatoon pie... oh my they were good!

    The trials and tribulations were put aside for a brief moment and the family was "happy".

    The dreams of BlogNet Awards is going to become a reality and the dreams of having this family not only surviving the devastation but moving forward in only the best ways will become more than a reality, you may count on this and it is through such people as yourself and so many others that help to ensure that everything moves in the right direction.

    Thank you John!

    Once we get back to business, you may count that we will be going full force to give to the blogosphere more than you can imagine.

    To Your Success, Our Success



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