Friday, November 20, 2009

Bloggers, Get Your Free Money from Adgitize!

If you're a serious Blogger who writes every day then:

Yep, you too can get Free Money from Adgitize.

The how is very simple if you follow these 6 easy steps:
  1. Join Adgitize by clinking here: Adgitize
  2. Register you blog.
  3. Place their ads on your blog.
  4. Write and publish a new article every day.
  5. Log in and Click on 100 other member banners every day.
  6. Watch your earnings grow.
And how much can you earn as a Publisher Only? Approximately $0.20 per day, $6.00 per month, or $72.00 per year!

Now if you don't think that's a lot of money, consider this: Advertisers on the system pay $24 per month. In return, they will receive somewhere between $26 to $32 (according the the Adgitize estimated payout), making a monthly profit of $2-$8.

You, however, paid nothing, and still get back $6 each month. That's in infinite return.

And what can you do with this money that is paid to you via PayPal?
  • Buy your own $24 monthly ad 3 times a year.
  • Pay for your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Buy Christmas or Birthday Presents for the Kids.
  • Go to the movies a few times.
  • Buy a lot of beer.
  • Anything else you can think of.
So if you're not an Adgitize member, then join now and start earning.

And if you're already an Adgitize member paying the monthly $24 fee, take a look at your profit and compare the difference between the Advertisers and Publishers income. You might be able to spend the $24 somewhere else and still receive your same profit!




  1. Well JL,

    this could be true that Publisher earn in the next days and then from December much more than the 20 cents daily, i guess between 25 and 30 cents if you can score more than 250 points daily.
    On good days you could perhaps score much more so that the payout could even be monthly instead of each second month.

    But the big difference is that you have to visit 100 blogs daily to achieve this amount of 6+ $/monthly.

    If you advertise, you pay the 24$ and you get around 80 visitors daily + you just have to visit 51 blogs... this is time saving in the long run even when you just break even or gain some $ in the end.

    I prefer advertising as my Followers raise steadily with this option and i earn some more $ in Adsense each month, too.

    Hope to see your ad next month again in Adgitize.

  2. I'm also an adgitize member and earning a little..... but wait can I ask you something? this is not about monetizing my blog but it is about why everytime I have my blog rank checked it always says my blog is 9 years old when I just did blogging just 3 months ago, and then the other checker says .. it would expire in about 8 months... and if it expires.. what will I do? Hope you can give me some words without monetization.. Thank you very much. I remove my adbrite already, i'm not earning there! as you suggest ....Thanks again.

  3. Vernz,

    I only see that you have one blog: called "this side of town", withe URL

    This one is with Google Blogger, so I don't believe that it (or the 3 of mine) will ever expire, so I wouldn't worry about that at all! -- But, can you tell me what you're using to check your blog rank? If it's free, I'll check it out and let you know why they say you'll expire in 8 months.

    And, as for the 9 year old phase, what this blog rank checker is telling you is that Google Blogger is 9 years old. --- In fact, it is actually 10 years old. The reasons you see this is because the checker only sees the rank of the top domain,, not your own personal subdomain.

    So, in all, I wouldn't worry at all!


    (but do let me know what blog rank checker you're using)

  4. Hi JL, thank you for taking time with my blog anxiety ... anyway this is the link thank you again ...

  5. That thing is stated at the Off-Page SEO. So worried sick! Thank you again.. JL.

  6. Vernz,

    Stop Worrying!!!

    Your blog (and the 3 of mine) are all created on the free service blogger, and have a main url domain name of which is owned by Google.

    If you use and enter, you'll see that this URL was:

    Created on............: 2000-07-31.
    Expires on............: 2010-07-31.
    Record last updated on: 2009-06-07.

    Since today is 2009-11-23, you can see that will expire in 8 months - 23 days and is now 9 years 3 months and we days old.

    I put in your blog name and mine into website grader, and both return the same Off-Page SEO Domain Info.

    Since our blogs are sub-domains of blogspot, we don't have a url listed nor do we have to pay for it.

    Since Google owns blogspot, rest assured that they will renew their URL registration when the time comes.

    So, stop worrying and start writing!

    It won't expire!

    That's the beauty of using blogger. We don't have to do anything except create our blog, write new posts, and publish them.

    If you have any other questions, let me know!


  7. JL, thank you very much for making my day and for erasing my worries away .... can I grab your entrecard badge .. (The yellow man in gelled hair) I will post it in my blog to formally thank you so my readers will also know ...

  8. Vernz,

    I'm honored that you would add my EC badge to our blog. I've added the code to my "yellow man" at right with the html code below.

    Hope that's what you want (if not, I'll add the other gifs) ...

    Let me know when you add it to your blog and I'll visit.

    And, thanks again for "Asking the Blogster" !!!


  9. Hi JL, please visit my blog, got something for you... it's posted ...

  10. Hi JL, thanks for the visit and for leaving a comment.... oh the 'baka nga' it's a tagalog term for maybe, or not sure.

    Magandang gabi! (tagalog term for good evening)

    Again thank you, I'll be dropping everytime.


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