Friday, November 6, 2009

The AdBrite Gotcha - Full Page Ads

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to place a new AdBrite ad on this blog. Since I am familiar with Adbrite, I am careful not to display their "Full Page Ads" on any of my pages because they:
  • Are Annoying,
  • Turn visitors away from your site,
  • Tarnish your reputation.
  • Are Against the Entrecard, Adgitize, CMFads Terms of Service, and
  • Are Poor Revenue Generators.
To me, there's nothing worse than being brought to some undesirable page when you click on a members widget and having to press the "Skip this ad" button to get to the site you wanted.

So, you can imagine my horrified surprise when I was writing last week's post to discover that this site was indeed displaying the AdBrite Full Page Ads!

At first, I thought the blog was hacked, but then I realized:

Ah ha! It's the AdBrite Trickery Gotcha!

So frantically, I went to my AdBrite account and saw that the Display Full Page Ads box was checked to ON, even though I had set it to OFF. I then went through each of my ads and made sure this option was off on all of them.

What surprised me was that no one had notified me that these ads were displaying. When I thought back to all the other sites that have displayed these as well, I realized that many (if not all) of those authors were probably unaware that AdBrite secretly set their Display Full Page options to ON as well.

So if you display AdBrite ads on your Blog or Site, you may want to spend a few moments to review your AdBrite settings for every Ad you display. Perhaps you too will find that you are unintentionally displaying these ads and turning away welcomed visitors. To Check your settings:
  • Log into your AdBrite account
  • Click the For Publishers Tab
  • Select the Manage ad zones link
 Then for each  Site / Name ad,
  • Press the More Arrow
  • Select Ad Zone Preferences
  • Make Sure the "Show full page ads?" box is UNCHECKED
  • Press Save Changes
Hope this helps you too from continuing to be an unwilling victim of these undesirable pollutants!



  1. When I started blogging last week of April this year I displayed Adbrite ads on my site. I experienced the same problem as you described, in addition to the fact that the "skip the ad" button, when click, has even music playing.

    I immediately deleted the ads and cancelled my account with Adbrite after I was notified by Ken Brown of Adgitize where I was (and still is) an advertiser, for the reason that my blog violated their TOS.

    It's all a question of cents and pennies a day as income from displaying AdBrite ads versus the worth and integrity of your site and your reputation as a blogger.

  2. Eli

    Thanks for sharing your experience and expressing your opinion which should be valuable to all our Adgitize, CMFads, and EC co-members.


  3. I once had a full-page ad on my site. Ironically, I myself find it annoying so I had to delete it myself. Thanks for your post, worth reading.

  4. Yup they did the same to me and more then once. I threatened to take their adds off altogether and so far so good. But if it does happen again I will remove them completely. You have to still keep a watch on them. Good luck

  5. I agree that it is very annoying to have to click "skip this ad" to get to the site. It's unprofessional, and does not encourage me to visit the site and read their content.

  6. I am not familiar with that, but thanks for the heads up in case I happen to sign up in the future.


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