Friday, November 27, 2009

Should We Buy Adgitize Ads in December?

As the Adgitize transition month is winding down, the Adgitize advertising network is holding up remarkably well. Last October 30th, there were 202 ads on the network. Nearly 1 month later, there are 176 ads (November 27th). This is only a 12.9% decline in purchased ads since the cost increased from $14 per month to $24/month.

While the cost of an ad increased by 71.4%, has the Adgitize member reimbursement increased as expected?

An advertiser who pays $24 per month (31 day advertising period)  must earn $0.7742 per day to earn his money back. From Adgitize's initial projections, member earnings would increase from:

300 points a day  from 44 cents a day to 72 cents a day
360 points a day  from 53 cents a day to 86 cents a day

This implies that breakeven would be slightly over 300 points.

However, in a recent forum posting, Ken noted that a person who scored 305 points at the beginning of November earned $0.43, and at the end of November earned $0.52, a 20% increase!

BUT, if you earned 300 points, you'd expect to earn $0.72 which is $0.20 more than actually being paid back. That represents a 27.78% underestimate.

Translating this to a monthly payback, I expect those who paid $24 for a monthly ad and earned 300 points to take a $6.00 LOSS and receive only $18 back.

I know that cornyman, Ken, and others have all agreed with me in saying last month that advertisers would not receive full earning potential during this transitional month of November.

But I'm not sure that folks who pay the full $24 next month will receive their money back either!

Why? Because if you have the opportunity to click on many of the Adgitize ads now in the system, you will see that many of these are brand new. Some have very little content, and don't even display Adgitize ads.

What this means is that old advertisers pulled out. And, five dollars of the new money from the new advertisers is going out of the system to pay affiliate commissions to the member who recruited them. This means that instead of $24 being contributed into the system, only $19 is actually going back.

So, my conclusion is that most advertisers will not earn their full $24 back again next month. Instead, they will only earn somewhere between $19-$22 in December.

As  a result, I will sit on the sidelines again next month, click on 101 ads, and read the member comments, complaints, worries, and praises.

I am confident that as we shake through this rough process, earnings will stabilize once again, perhaps in January 2010.

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not think that Adgitize or other members thought they'd all be losing money this month. Now is the time to think about next month, and question whether Advertisers will receive their full $24 ad costs back month. I don't think so.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Bloggers, Get Your Free Money from Adgitize!

If you're a serious Blogger who writes every day then:

Yep, you too can get Free Money from Adgitize.

The how is very simple if you follow these 6 easy steps:
  1. Join Adgitize by clinking here: Adgitize
  2. Register you blog.
  3. Place their ads on your blog.
  4. Write and publish a new article every day.
  5. Log in and Click on 100 other member banners every day.
  6. Watch your earnings grow.
And how much can you earn as a Publisher Only? Approximately $0.20 per day, $6.00 per month, or $72.00 per year!

Now if you don't think that's a lot of money, consider this: Advertisers on the system pay $24 per month. In return, they will receive somewhere between $26 to $32 (according the the Adgitize estimated payout), making a monthly profit of $2-$8.

You, however, paid nothing, and still get back $6 each month. That's in infinite return.

And what can you do with this money that is paid to you via PayPal?
  • Buy your own $24 monthly ad 3 times a year.
  • Pay for your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Buy Christmas or Birthday Presents for the Kids.
  • Go to the movies a few times.
  • Buy a lot of beer.
  • Anything else you can think of.
So if you're not an Adgitize member, then join now and start earning.

And if you're already an Adgitize member paying the monthly $24 fee, take a look at your profit and compare the difference between the Advertisers and Publishers income. You might be able to spend the $24 somewhere else and still receive your same profit!



Friday, November 13, 2009

A Thanksgiving Note to Tim

Every so often, we discover a Blog that stands above the crowd and offers much promise. One such site is:

The purpose of the site is to bring focus to a variety of Blogs by presenting monthly awards and highlighting their accomplishments. Members must join and place widgets on their site. Once done, a member can then nominate and vote for outstanding Blogs of various classes.

BlogNetAwards is very well laid out and has terrific graphics. Over the period that it operated, it featured countless Blogs that many of us visit daily.

However during the past few months, I noticed that the site hasn't been updated and I was considering removing its widgets. I wondered if the site was abandoned and simply aging away. So, I sent them mail and asked about the status.

Within minutes, I received a reply from the Administrative Director, Diane Bjorling indicating that the BlogNet Portal and dreams have temporarily been placed on hold.

The site's owner, Tim Southernwood, a parent of 4 young children, has unexpectedly been thrust into legal divorce battle. As a result, Tim needs to place his entire focus on protecting the children and getting through this difficult period.

Since I believe that BlogNetAward has been an important vehicle in our community, I would like to ask all of you to share your support of Tim and his children.

While I recognize that many in our blogging community don't share the same American Holidays or customs, the Thanksgiving / Christmas Season can be extremely stressful to a family experiencing such hardship.

You can provide your support by:
  • Leaving a comment to this post, or
  • Sending and Entrecard Message directly to BlogNetAwards
  • (I hesitate giving his email address in this post for fear of spammers).
This past year has been extremely difficult for many in our small EC / Adgitize / BlogNet community who have experienced financial hardships, severe natural disasters, and the passing of loved ones. So as this Holiday Season approaches, I stop to give thanks for blessing me and my family with health and happiness.

But more importantly, I stop to say a prayer for all those in need.

Perhaps through our support, Tim and his children will find the strength to see themselves along their difficult road, realize they're not alone, and will return to our community soon!


Friday, November 6, 2009

The AdBrite Gotcha - Full Page Ads

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to place a new AdBrite ad on this blog. Since I am familiar with Adbrite, I am careful not to display their "Full Page Ads" on any of my pages because they:
  • Are Annoying,
  • Turn visitors away from your site,
  • Tarnish your reputation.
  • Are Against the Entrecard, Adgitize, CMFads Terms of Service, and
  • Are Poor Revenue Generators.
To me, there's nothing worse than being brought to some undesirable page when you click on a members widget and having to press the "Skip this ad" button to get to the site you wanted.

So, you can imagine my horrified surprise when I was writing last week's post to discover that this site was indeed displaying the AdBrite Full Page Ads!

At first, I thought the blog was hacked, but then I realized:

Ah ha! It's the AdBrite Trickery Gotcha!

So frantically, I went to my AdBrite account and saw that the Display Full Page Ads box was checked to ON, even though I had set it to OFF. I then went through each of my ads and made sure this option was off on all of them.

What surprised me was that no one had notified me that these ads were displaying. When I thought back to all the other sites that have displayed these as well, I realized that many (if not all) of those authors were probably unaware that AdBrite secretly set their Display Full Page options to ON as well.

So if you display AdBrite ads on your Blog or Site, you may want to spend a few moments to review your AdBrite settings for every Ad you display. Perhaps you too will find that you are unintentionally displaying these ads and turning away welcomed visitors. To Check your settings:
  • Log into your AdBrite account
  • Click the For Publishers Tab
  • Select the Manage ad zones link
 Then for each  Site / Name ad,
  • Press the More Arrow
  • Select Ad Zone Preferences
  • Make Sure the "Show full page ads?" box is UNCHECKED
  • Press Save Changes
Hope this helps you too from continuing to be an unwilling victim of these undesirable pollutants!

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