Friday, October 23, 2009

Reminder: Buy a $14 Adgitize Ad Now and Save!

Just a quick post to remind everyone that the price of a 31 day monthly Adgitize ad will increase from $14 to $24 beginning Sunday, November 1st 2009.

However, its not too late to purchase a new ad at the current low price.

If you're not presently an Adgitize member, but have considered it, we encourage you to act Now and join before the price increases! Joining is easy, simply click on below, enroll, and submit your site.

At the same time, you should purchase an Ad, and receive the benefits of:
  • Being a Preferred Publisher,
  • Getting Additional Traffic, and
  • Earning Money!
After buying your first ad now at $14, you find that you will earn enough in a month to cover your advertising cost!

But Remember
Time's running out,
You gotta Act Now!

And, for those who are already Adgitize advertisers, you should seriously consider purchasing a second (or third) ad this month before your current ad expires. You can take advantage of this "Last Minute" saving by designing a new 125x125 gif, and submitting it.

We suggest that all ads be submitted by Thursday October 29th at the latest in order to give the Adgitize folks time to review and approve your purchase.

In a recent blog post, Cornyman as described the benefits of this in great detail, and it is an excellent read (Adgitize: HURRY and SAVE up to 12$ for your new ad!)

As Ken, Aldon, and others have stated in their comments, Adgitize is an wonderful tool for dedicated bloggers. Why, because you will be in excellent company. Everyone there has the same goals: to Blog, Attract Readership, and Earn Advertising Revenue.

If however, you are like us and want to "Wait and See" what the Pricing Structure does to Earnings, then make sure you work on replacing the Adgitizing visitors by participating in:
While we're not thrilled with the price increases, we continue to believe that everyone should belong to Adgitize because it is a great organization.

Let us know what you think!

JL ................

PS: Thanks to everyone who has read and responded to our previous post! It's great to see a dialog and hear everyone's opinions.


  1. My ad will expire November 9. Is it ok to purchase again (for 1 month) for the same ad?

  2. Jules67

    If your ad expires on Nov 9th, then you should definitely buy a 2nd ad on your site by Oct 29th (at $14)

    If you only have 1 site, it would be better to design a new 125x125 gif, but pointing to the same site.

    Then until Nov 9th, you'll have 2 ads running. After Nov 9th, only this last new ad will be there.

    If you wish, you can then edit your ad, and enter the original 125x125 gif.

    But - if you renew anytime in November, then you'll be charged $24 and won't save anything.

    Hope this helps


  3. Thanks John - this is a great tip and good information! Will definately take your advice!!

  4. I just started with adgitize. So far I think it is a great site, right now I am a publisher but was debating upon becoming an advertiser as well.
    Have a great day

  5. chicky401,

    Good to see that you joined Adgitize and have their widgets on your pages.

    My suggestion to you is to:
    1. Wait until December before paying to be an advertiser. Why? Because currently many advertisers have only paid $14/month. If you start now, you will pay $24. Since reimbursement for points is based on the revenue received, you will not earn enough this month to pay for your ad. If you wait till next month, everyone will have paid $24 and you have a great shot at getting your money back.
    2. While you are a publisher this month, make sure you make a post every day - that way you earn points.
    3. Make sure that you click on 100 other advertiser ads. You will then earn the max amount of points for that.
    4. And lastly, make sure your blogs have the maximum 10 Adgitize ads showing on your blog (but you can only have 2 widgets on the page).

    If you do these things, you will have earned some good income this month that could offset your future advertising costs.

    Welcome aboard!



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