Friday, October 30, 2009

Make Your Blog Interactive - Add Comments to Your Sidebar

As we leap from blog to blog, we often marvel at the diverse amount of information displayed on various blogs, and are especially curious as to how various things were added.

In particular, we noticed that: several blogs contained a "Recent Comments" section on their side bars; and, that section enabled visitors to quickly see what others were saying. Visitors would easily respond for all to see,  and thus, an interactive environment was formed.

Then, we discovered the Blogger in Draft post:

that announced that Comments, and other items, could be easily placed on your Blogger Blog.

Since we added the "Recent Comments" gadget to this Blog, we have enjoyed an increased amount of commenting activity (as you can see on the right hand sidebar). Almost instantly, our Blog became interactive!

Besides Comments, you can add: Twitter updates, Picasa Photostream thumbnails, and  Recent Posts. After Clicking on the Link above, simply: 
  • Click on the "Add it now" link, 
  • Indicate your blog from the pulldown menu, and
  • Press the "Configure Gadget" arrow, which will allow you to specify how many comments to display, the overall height, and more.
Once added, you will need to go to your Blogger Dashboard's Layout Page, and move your newly added Comments gadget to your desired spot.

This is one feature that has helped us immensely, and we encourage you to give it a try!


Note: We only know how to accomplish this with Blogger, and not with WordPress. If anyone out there can help with WordPress, leave a comment!


  1. now add blog widget and functionality that they left behind.
    say yes to blogger....

  2. In wordpress, there is a widget called "recent comments". Simply slide it to where you want it, and voila, there it is.

  3. Fantastic Jan! That's really simple. Speaking for all, Thanks for your contribution.



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