Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogger Releases an Updated Editor

Today we decided to review our Blogger Basic settings and discovered a new Global Settings option:

An Updated Editor

Blogger's latest features help link describes all of the important features that were implemented and released in celebration of Blogger's 10th year birthday!

If you are a Blogger user, you can enable the new editor by going to your blogs Settings | Basic tab. Just about near the bottom you will see the "Select post editor" label with the "Updated editor" option.  Simply click on this new option, and save your settings! Then you're done.

Many of the enhancements and improvements include:
  • Improved Image Handling
  •  Improved Raw HTML editing
  • Geotagging your posts
  • Vertical resizing
  • Easier link editing
  • Safari 3 support
  • A new Preview dialog
  • Placeholder image for tags
  • New Toolbar

From just this short time using this new editor, we have found it to be immensely more friendly and easier to use. We suggest all of you give it a try!

Thanks Blogger & Happy Birthday!



  1. Sounds exciting, I haven't updated to the new editor. I still have one blog on Blogger, these improvements are sure to keep the platform the go to choice for newbie bloggers

  2. Hey Vera,

    You said it! I already love the new editor.


  3. Hi Blogger!
    I really like the new editor, but I haven't found a way to upload video with it yet, so I switched back to the old version.

  4. sadermaxx

    You're right about not finding a way to upload video into Blogger posts using the new editor

    Read the post:
    What's going on with Google Video Uploads

    Originally, Blogger uploaded videos to "Google Video". But now, apparently, google is not offering this any more. That is why you don't see the upload video icon anymore.

    Google suggests that videos be uploaded to YouTube or Picasa first. Then, you can add them to your blog (but first you'll have to go to your Settings | Formatting tab, and use the link field to enclose audio files in your posts (I don't know if this works for video).

    Alternately, you will have to add an html video widget

    Good Luck


  5. Thanks for posting this - I hadn't been aware there was a new blogger editor. I'll go check it out and try it out.


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