Monday, August 17, 2009

Entrecard Trojans Anyone?

This morning, we wanted to return some of the Entrecard Drops that we received since yesterday. So, we visited our Drops Inbox page, and displayed "Cards you haven't dropped on". We began clicking on member cards.

All of a sudden, we saw an endless number of Tabs being opened, and our computer slowed right down. Luckily, the browser crashed. When we restarted the browser again, our anti-virus notified us that several "Malicious Trojans" were removed.

Has this happened to you?

We haven't determined which EC member card caused this, but have decided to pull back from returning drops until we have time to try and isolate the Bad Guys.

If you have had similar experiences lately, let us know. If so, perhaps we can all work together to restore a safe blogging environment.


  1. ive actually had that happen twice. but i was on two different sites so im not sure how it started. i was able to stop it without having to restart my computer, both times. and i did a full scan of my computer yesterday and it said that i had one trojan. that was quarantined.

  2. Hmmmm....

    At least no damage done, but we need to figure out who the offending site is & get them removed from the system.

    Thanks for commenting Ms Marie

  3. I have never had this happen before. That's actually freak.

  4. I have had that happen several times when I dropped on certain blogs. I notified Entrecard and don't know if anything was ever done or not. I keep a list of the sites. It happens also while dropping on Adgitize.

  5. Would you wish to share the list of blogs with us? That way, we, together could pressure EC and Adgitize if they also have the offending blogs (Also, we could avoid the malicious sites and preserve the integrity of our PCs)

    Looking forward to your info.


  6. List:

    Slightly Sarcastic
    Happy Steps
    The Ad Master - though I accidentally dropped the other day on there and nothing happened.
    Green Living

  7. That has happened to me 3x!At first I thought it was my PC's fault.But then the 2nd and 3rd incidents happened when i was dropping EC's on different computers.

  8. I've had it happened on several occasions. I wasn't able to pinpoint which one it was since at the time I was using the Entrecard toolbar to drop. It's one of the reasons that I slowed down on dropping on Entrecard. Also one of the reasons that I've installed 2 antivirus, what one doesn't catch the other one usually does.

    I haven't had it happen on Adgitize.

  9. Oh no it hasn't happened to me yet. I hope I'm safe.

  10. I can't even get on Entrecard's site all day.

  11. I've started opening EC cards in Chrome because it picks up a lot of sites that have malicious code on their blogs. At least 5%.

  12. Actually, I have had this happen several times this week.

  13. Wow! I didn't realize that everyone else was experiencing the same problems.

    I checked out the 5 blogs that Poetic Shutterbug mentioned, and haven't had a problem with those.

    I think that some other site is placing malware on our machines & that it is triggered by some random number generator.

    Thanks for all your feedback -- I think I'll escalate to Ken (he'll help us). I'm not sure about EC - but we'll see what they say anyway.


  14. I read this interesting post on Isker's Blog, indicating that he was a victim of a:

    Hidden Iframe Injecton Attack

    Thought you might find this interesting and see what he did to find an hopefully solve it.



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