Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Entrecard to Limit Member Earnings Even Further

Entrecard sent out a mail message to its members last evening and posted a new Blog Entry titled:

In short, the new EC management believes that the number of Entrecard Credits has been growing too rapidly. This growth, which they call Inflation, will lead to EC's being worth less and less.

To combat this Inflation, Entrecard is instituting a new policy beginning September 1st 2009:

Only EC Droppers will receive 1 credit.

Previously, both the dropper and the Blog receiving the visit received a credit.

Many of those who replied to their blog post were supportive of this move, but we believe this action underscores the EC position: All for Me, and None for You!

Why do we think this way? Consider these facts:
  • Previously, EC members received credit for daily blog posts. This has been eliminated.
  • While advertising costs has remained the same, EC takes 3/4 of the price of the ads and puts them in their own coffers. For example: if you pay 256 to advertise your blog, only 64 credits are given to the displaying site, the other 192 are kept by EC.
So now, EC is awarding less and less credits to the Customer Members, and building up their own war chest for future sale.

When this new policy is implemented, we believe there will be less incentive for Blog owners to purchase ads since they won't get anything back for advertising!

While EC is still a good place for beginner Bloggers, we believe that these new reductions will pursuade seasoned members into becoming less and less active. Eventually, the decline in EC activity and membership (because of their inherent greed) will have more of a deflating effect on the remaining EC credits than worrying about the inflated growth of a ficticious economy.

What do you think?




  1. I don't see the point of this new rule. Okay, so where does that leave us? We pay EC credits for advertising, we get drops but then we don't get CREDIT for it? So that means, we only advertised for the sake of promoting our blog.
    I'm a little confused here. What's the point of having Entrecard now?

  2. I honestly think that more and more people are going to be turned off by the new ways of Entre Card and they are going to lose people. I haven't been staying on top of all my drops like I use to because of the fact that you don't get much out of it anymore. I love the fact that I met some great bloggers but I think Entre Card is now going down hill.

  3. Okh...I think just to wait...what happen in EC card for future...I hope, it will benefit for all....

  4. Oy vey! I hadn't even thought about it this way...I was just bummed that now I'm able to drop again, they implement this new crummy policy.

    I'm really unhappy with this newest "change" - and think you hit it right on the head. Sad, but true. I was hoping new management would boost EC...maybe my hopes got ahead of me. What a bummer - I hate to quit EC because of the contacts I've made, and because there really isn't a rival service out there.

    Maybe you're the one to start one? You seem to have it together - more than current EC management does. Keep blogging and enlightening us. :)

  5. To Mara, Aree, Stacie, All About Samarinda, and One Creative Queen:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Its been about 9 days since the new Entrecard rule went into effect, and I haven't noticed a significant decline in the number of EC droppers. This surprises me.

    I expect this is because our fellow Bloggers (and especially newbies) still want to earn something that that they want to spend on EC advertising.

    For me however, I find myself spending more time working on my website and blogs (instead for dropping).

    I love Creative Queen's suggestion that I create a rival website!

    The funny thing is that I did actually think about this during the past month, but concluded that there would be too much work and no financial reward ($$$).

    So for now, I'll leave it in the new EC management's hand to come to the same conclusion (as Graham probably did).

    Thanks for taking the time to write your comments and sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    And, most importantly, keep on reading!


  6. I haven't join EC yet, because I am just new to blogging. but my friends says its a good way to get blog traffic

  7. redamethyst,

    Despite the negative criticism expressed in this post, I would certainly encourage you to join Entrecard.

    We criticize it because we have loved it, and want it to be better

    You should join EC as soon as you get time, and place the widget on your blogs once you are approved.

    If you are active in dropping, you will receive reciprocal visits from those sites that you clicked on their widget.

    Let us know when you join. We'll put an ad on your site!



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