Monday, August 3, 2009

Entrecard Credit Value Established at $3.37 Minimum

Last Tuesday we wrote about EC dropping paid ads and the cashout program, thus rendering Entrecard Credits worthless.

However, in that blog entry, we encouraged members to hold on to their accumulated credits rather than spending them because we believe that they have an inherent value.

Well, low and behold, we received another email from EC's Cindy Ung offering to sell us EC credits with a Bonus. The offer:
  • 10000 Entrecard Credits - USD$56.00 (get another 5,000 credits bonus!)
  • 25000 Entrecard Credits - USD$125.00 (get another 12,000 credits bonus!)
  • Available now only until August 1st! Get your Entrecard credits today!
So, we now know that the new EC managment has set a minimum value of EC Credits ranging from:

Min EC Value = $3.378 to $3.733
per Thousand Credits

And, they are encouraging us to transfer our credits as well. But by doing so, they are taking out a huge commission for themselves and intend to cash out on them!

So, again, we advise all members to:
  • Keep your EC Credits (don't spend or transfer)
  • Lobby EC managment to eliminate taxation and commissions
  • Hold a Tea Party???
  • Urge EC to reinstate the cashout program.



  1. I hope EC would bring back the CashOut program. I still have a pending CashOut there. It has been there weeks before the new management announced that they are cancelling the program :(

  2. Agreed Mara --- I crossing my fingers as well that: they pay those who already requested CashOut; and then bring back the EC CashOut program.

    Thanks for your comment!


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