Monday, July 13, 2009

Adgitize Ad Groupings

We received a comment on our Lottery Power Picks New/Blog from a member named Cornyman, telling us that we had a comment on our Adgitize blog post. After performing a search for Adgitize in that same blog, we found another Cornyman comment telling us that we had too many ads on our blogs.

We next checked the Adgitize Faq page, and sure enough, it states:

Can I show more than one ad on my blog at a time?
A - Yes, we have a wide range of ad sizes 125 X 125 and 468 X 60 that you can place on your blog. These ad sizes can have groupings of between 1 and 4 ads of their specific size. You are limited to only 2 groupings on your blog. These 2 groupings can contain only 10 Adgitize Advertiser ads total.

So we quickly examined our blogs and remove the 3rd occurrences.

Thanks for pointing this out Cornyman! And remember, if you're looking for an effective way to increase your traffic, join Adgitze by clicking on the banner below!

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