Friday, May 1, 2009

Security Alert - Free Pixels

!!! Caution !!!

While performing our daily Adgitize visits, we read one blogger's post promoting Free Pixels available on Always trying to get free advertising, we visited the site and saw the logo gifs of many familiar EC members. So, we submitted the logo of one of our sites.

After registering, the site sends you mail with a link to activate your pixels.

Using a different computer, we read our mail and clicked on the activate link.

Upon doing this, a Google warning page was automatically displayed, warning us NOT to proceed any further because the site is suspected of containing malicious spy ware. After clicking the link 3 times, we were convinced this was no accident.

Accordingly, we are advising all our readers to:

Resist the temptation to add your site or blog to

And, if you get there:
  • DO NOT click on any of the logos displayed
  • DO NOT download (or save) any of the images from that site
We are not sure if this site was written with the intention to propagate mal-ware, or if it simply has security holes enabling hackers to infest its site.

In any case: Avoid this site as your computer may become infected.


  1. We are writing this post as a precaution to the PC security of our fellow bloggers. It is not our intention to degrade this site, but to simply alert visitors of our experiences.
  2. We believe our logo has been added even though we never completed the activation.
  3. From Google, if you do a search for you will see the warning below its title: This site may harm your computer.


  1. Hi,

    I am the owner of the site and I am aware my site has been hacked. My hosting company is trying to get everything back to normal.

    While I do appreciate you warning your fellow bloggers, if you know me, you'll know that the site has/was up for a long time and was always ok.

  2. Hi, my pixel site is back up and all malicious software has been removed.

    You can go see if your link is up or not.

  3. George

    I checked and:

    1. Google didn't block the site
    2. My Logo is there

    I'll check back every few days & see if it remains this way.

    If so, I'll send out an update describing your prompt resolution to your hacking problem

    JL ........


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