Monday, April 13, 2009

Recent Yahoo Search Marketing Changes

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During the past few months, Yahoo has introduced significant improvements to their Yahoo! Search Marketing product.

Primarily, they added 3 important features:
  • Demographic Bidding
  • Geo-targeting, and
  • Ad Scheduling
First, Demographic Bidding allows you to target your ads to different groups of people, and adjust your bids accordingly. You may set different advertising rates for varying age groups or sex.

Second, you can specify different regions of the U.S. or Canada to target using the Geo-targeting feature. Using this refinement, you can limit your ads to display in entire countries, or in specific Zip or Postal Codes only.

And third, Ad Scheduling allows you to display your ads at differing times of the day, rather than the old 24 hours per day.

In addition to these modifications, they are now filtering out many of the "parked sites" that click on your ads without ever producing any revenue.

If your blog or website offers particular products to sell, these new features can assist you in reaching the buying audience that you are looking for. Remember:

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So, if you aren't already advertising on Yahoo! Search Marketing, now is the time to give them a try.

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