Friday, January 4, 2013

How to delete (or change) a Blogger label

This post describes how to delete a Blogger label using the new Blogger interface.
I recently wanted to change one of the Blogger labels that I assigned to my posts.  To do this, I added the new replacement label which was rather easy. This was done by selecting the posts that I wanted, and selecting the "New label..." option from the labels pull down menu on my blog's Posts page.

But when I wanted to delete the old label, I could not find a "Delete label" choice.

I was lost. So I searched Blogger help and unfortunately could not find the correct answer. I found one answer that described how to do this with the old Blogger interface, so that was useless.

The second help answer described how to change the name of a label. Reading through that, I found that I was to select a  "Remove label" choice from the label actions menu.  But, that choice was not there.

So I experimented. I selected one of the posts that had the label I wanted to remove (by checking the box next to the blog post), and then, I selected the old label from the pull-down  label action menu. I found that this action worked as a toggle. If the label was already there, it was removed. But, if the label was not there, then it was added to the post.

I also learned that my approach to changing a Blogger label was correct.  From the Google Blogger help, changing a label is done by adding a new label and then deleting the old one.

In summary, if you are using Blogger and want to delete a label you must:
  • Go to your blog's Posts page in Blogger
  • Click the check boxes next to each post that contains the label you want to delete
  • Then, click on the label inside the "Label Pull-down menu"
  • If the label is already on that post, it will be deleted. (if it is not there it will be added)
Or, if you want to change a Label, you must
  • First add a new label to all the posts to be changed
  • And then, you must delete the old label using the method described above.

Hope this helps !!!


  1. May i know how to delete a label from the "Label Pull-down menu"?

  2. Very nice. thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks I was looking for this... It worked!!!!


  4. Oh my gosh THANK YOU for this post. I've been having trouble with a label that says there are 26 posts but only show 3. I've tried changing, removing and readding, and nothing helped. All the new labels wouldn't show up. I was finally able to fix it after reading this article. THANK YOU!!

  5. same with me, it instead of removing the labels, it added the new label to 26 post i recently changed labels...What an ass Blogspot, can't you make a Remove button!!!!

  6. Thanks alot bro for this discussion ...

  7. Is there a way you know of to remove all labels from the edit post section - where all the labels are? To get rid of the clutter and start over with new labels!

    1. Hey BamaBuc - I see only 2 ways to remove labels from a post. The first is as described above.

      The second can be done by editing a published post itself. In this case, you edit the post, click on the labels settings (on upper right), then add or remove labels. This way, it is easy to remove all the labels for the post. When done press the Update button.

      Thanks for writing,

      JL ......

      PS: I enjoyed looking at your blogs - and it looks like Alabama will finish #1 again this year !!!

  8. I owe you soooooo much for this! I only wish I had found your page sooner! Thank you!
    I had a label as "Make a Difference," but in order for it to show up under my tab, I should have labeled the post "Make A Difference." Everytime I would try and add a new label with "Make A Difference" it would revert to "Make a Difference." So frustrating! You made my day! I hope you are truly blessed today!

    1. Hi Lindy -

      Thanks you for your kind words. When I write many of these posts, I feel that problems I experience are probably experienced by others as well. So, I'm glad to have helped.

      Also, I visited your blog & read many of your articles. First, I think your template & layout are fantastic! It really looks good.

      Second, I think you & your husband are on the right track. Save money, be religious, and give all your love & time to your children.


      JL ....

  9. it is not easy to find!!
    thank you!!!

  10. finally a working solution, thanks !

  11. Renaming of label on old posts is not the wise decision, however, it will not affect anything, but if you used keywords inside it and that have crawled and your post became popular then it can. Well, good exercise is to give well suited name to the label while writing the post. Good write up indeed.

    Divya @smtutorial

  12. Thanks! That worked and sure wasn't obvious in the Blogger interface.

  13. Thank you! This saved me hours of work.

    1. Michael,

      Glad to hear the this post helped.

      JL ...

  14. Very Very thanx. I will Share this post. again thanx for saving my time

  15. I'd been puzzling over this for ages ... so happy that I found your page. Thank you!

  16. Thanks Admin, You saved alot of time :)


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