Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama Contraception Mandate: Could it be a political payoff?

In a stunning and defiant push, President Obama has mandated that all companies, including religious organizations, pay for health care insurance that covers contraception and sterilization. However, widespread complaints, particularly from the Catholic church and other groups, forced the President to modify his policy. His compromise was to require all insurance companies to provide contraception free of charge to everyone.

Initially, the President allotted a 1 year period for those who objected to come to terms with their religious souls and objections. But, after the push back, Mr. Obama shortened the timeline, and has set an August 2012 deadline for his new rule to be implemented.  This means the implementation of the rule would not be subject to his winning re-election.

Still infuriated that our constitutional religious freedom is being violated, seven States have now filed a lawsuit to block this mandate. But, the President is not budging.

Wondering about what is motivating the President's decision, I asked myself: Where are condoms were made. Were they manufactured in China? Could this be a reason to insist that condoms and other devices be provided for free? Is it something else?

Well, interestingly enough, I read the article: "How Products are Made, Volume 2: Condom".

Towards the bottom, they have a section headed "The Future", which talks about the "Reality" condom for women that is manufactured by Female Health Company (FHC). It is incorporated in Wisconsin and lists its principal executive offices in Chicago, Illinois. This is the same city where President Obama owns a home and where the President's re-election campaign, Obama for America, is located.

When visiting the FHC website, one is  presented with a Yahoo Finance chart which illustrates the company's stock price for the past 6 months. While having a few ups and downs, it has continually risen from approximately $4.5 a share to $5.50 per share during the past 6 months (see widget at right).

According to its history page, the Female Health Company has been licensed to provide female condoms since 1987. However, its latest product, FC2, was only given US FDA approval in 2009. The company was then listed on the NASDAQ-CM stock exchange that same year.

Coincidentally, the Obama "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was passed by the Senate on December 24, 2009, and signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010.

Now given that:
  • the Female Health Company went public about the same time as the Affordable Care Act was being written in 2009,
  • its FC2 contraception device was FDA approved under the Obama administration in 2009,
  • President Obama is requiring all insurance companies to provide free contraction devices, including those manufactured by this company,
  • the FHC stock price has risen by nearly 20% in the past few months,
  • and that FHC is headquartered in Chicago, along with the Obama political campaign,
we must raise the question:

Are there any political or financial connections between President Obama, his political staff, or other members of Congress and that of the Female Health Company which has motivated the President's mandate for all insurance companies to provide free contraception devices to all Americans?

We do not know the answer to this, but we do know that there is no Chinese connection as we originally thought. Could this be another Solyndra scandal? Or, is this all simply coincidental?  You decide.


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