Friday, June 4, 2010

Adgitize's Summer Sizzlers

Perhaps my favorite advertising network is:

because I can basically advertise my website for free.  To do this, you must first join the network, upload you widget image, install advertising widgets on your site or blog, and then purchase a $14 monthly ad (for 31 days).

Then, to get your money back, all it takes is to write a blog post and click on 51 member widgets a day!

Each day you'll be credited with a small network proportional income. At the end of every month, your earnings will be totaled, and credited to your account. Active members have always received a minimum payout of $14, thus paying for your advertising costs.

Now, Adgitize introduced an exceptional Summer Promotion (running until July 31, 2010) and a:

Discounted Purchasing Plan!

Phase 1 of the Summer Promotion guarantees a minimum daily earning of $0.47, or $14.57 for a full 31 day month for those members who earn at least 300 points a day.

Phase 2 targets lesser active members, and guarantees payout of $0.34 per day for advertisers scoring over 200 points a day.

But, the discounted purchasing plan allows members to buy:
  • a 6 month ads for $13 per month; or
  • a 1 year ads for $12 per month.
Together with the Summer Promotion, advertising members of Adgitize and guaranteed to earn a profit! In my opinion, these are indeed noteworthy

And remember, Adgitize accepts both websites and blogs as members.


  1. Yes, Adgitize gets your blog seen and you make your money back. The bounce rate however is in the 90 percentile. Unfortunately, that does not amount to targeted readers. It's a good advertising venue specifically for new blogs.

  2. how about the publisher ?will they earn money ?

  3. Yes, publishers will earn money as well. However, it is a bit more difficult because advertisers get a 100 point credit and only have to click on 51 ads (instead of 100).

    But the whole idea is that yes, publishers will earn money. And, if you're not buying ads, then all that is earned is total profit!

    So, go for it. It's free $$$.


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