Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog Review: Mom Conversations

The fourth and last major sponsor of  Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary contest is the blog:

It is written from a mother's viewpoint, and I can only assume that it's author is a mother. The focus of the articles vary from child problems to pregnancy related health topics.

This blog sports a minimal design, primarily consisting of the posts only. Accompanying the written posts are well place navigation menus, tabs,  clouds, and links to recent posts.

This is one site that does not display any ads, from any source. Therefore, the reader is not distracted nor tempted to travel on to another site.

Theme & Content
Presently, the 3 main page blog posts discuss early childhood problems that a new mother may encounter. The post Why Do  Kids Whine - The Whys of Whining discuss the irritating behavior of a whining child. Advice is given on how to cope with this frustration, and especially how to prevent it.

Writing Style & Grammar
Regardless of the topic, the author writes about 6-8 paragraphs on each topic. Thus, the topic is well covered from start to finish. Take, for example, the Training the Picky Eaters article. It begins with a statement of the problem, followed by measures a parent can follow to ensure that the child has a well balanced and healthy diet.

Did you know that the habit of fibbing is especially prominent in adolescents? After reading The Truth about White Lies you will learn the which lies are harmful and which are simply part of growing up. What many parents consider to be lies may only be the fantasy expressions of an imaginative child.

The one problem that I found with this blog was that many of the tabs and category links all pointed to a single article: How to Treat Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoid Relief. You get there from the Photos tab, the Featured Category, the Health and Fitness Category, and more. I never realized this was such a popular topic.

If you are a new mother, or a parent of facing a stubborn child, Mom Conversations is a great place to begin looking for advice. The articles here are well written, on target, and informative. If you begin reading this blog, you will look forward to the publication of each new article!

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