Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Health Care Reform is a Bunch of Bunk

When my wife was pregnant several years ago, her Obstetrician suggested that she have an amniocentesis test. He told us that the best person to perform this procedure was a Doctor at a teaching hospital in Newark, NJ because was both a teacher and pioneer in this area.

So, we made an appointment and drove off to Newark. When we arrived at the hospital before 8:00 AM, the waiting room was filled with 11 other families. What struck us was that we were the only white family there. Once the clock hit 8, each of the other patients were called and led out of the room.

Finally, a nurse came to get us. As she led down the corridor to the examination room, we noticed that all the other patients were now sitting in chairs in the hallway. Once inside the room, we asked who would be performing our procedure. The nurse told us that the Doctor would perform ours, because "We were the only paying customers. The residents would perform the others under the Doctor's supervision".

Why I Remember
This is one memory that always stuck out in my mind. I think the main reason is because of the contrasts.
  • Black versus White
  • Paying versus Free
What I Learned
But, more importantly, I learned that:
  • The best health care available to everyone who wants it!
I always applauded those parents who visited the Hospital that day with me because they cared for the future of their child. They took the time to get the best treatment available, just as we did. Although they couldn't pay for it, it didn't matter! But, for a City of such size, very few of Newark's pregnant population bothered to obtain care. Only a very small subset of the people bothered to seek care.

Now when I listen to the politicians insisting on "Reforming Our Health Care System" so that it is affordable and available to everyone, I think back to that day and know that in my heart, America already offers and provides the best available Health Care to Everyone that Wants It!
  • You don't need to be able to afford Health Care, because it truly will be provided.
  • It is available now, but people must seek treatment!
Thus, I think Health Care Reform is a Bunch of Bunk because it will only increase costs to everyone. Those who desire health care now will continue to get it. But those who chose not to get it now won't get it in the future either. Our politicians should understand they can change laws, but not human behavior!


  1. I think that certain areas of health care need to be reformed in the U.S. but perhaps not the ENTIRE system at once.

    What happens if you get sick and lose your job? I've seen friends in the U.S. get stuck with bills of over 70k for cancer treatment, and relatives in Canada get incredible treatment and hospital care, with a bill of under 100$.

    Reform isn't bad. It needs good planning and be done in baby steps.

  2. I'm sorry, as an RN for the past 45 years, I think that health care does need reform. I don't think that the same services are available to the indigent poor as are available to the privately insured. I think monetary concerns dictate health care and, while costs must be considered, the needs of the patient must come first.

  3. @mike & @rnsame,

    In both cases, you identify the need for most folks to have insurance. If you lose your job in the US, you must buy COBRA to be covered. If you're indigent poor, then you must seek treatment at the clinics & hospitals that target free care.

    However, if you know how to play the system, you can always go to the best hospitals & doctors.

    Perhaps reform should target Tort Reform, limiting the amount of frivolous law suits initiated by lawyers simply to get a percentage of the awards.

    I don't know the answer, but I, for one, don't want to pay more.

    What if those who want reform pay for it? And, those against have a right to refuse paying more?

    I'll bet you wouldn't see too many volunteers.

    Thanks for your comments. The debate is wonderful.


  4. I think health care needs to be reformed because I have a few health problems and we don't have a teaching hospital in the area, we pay a ridiculous amount of money for health insurance and I get denied medication and sometime treatment because our heath insurance refuses to cover it, and not to mention what I do pay for medication that the health insurance does cover and the same medication cost less in other countries .

    Health care has become a business .


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